Libyan Arms Bazaar

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hispeedal2, Sep 15, 2011.

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    A dictator can't have too many MANPADS

    not that it did him and his regime any good. Military toys are somwhat of measure of a leader's manhood, quite apart from keeping him on his throne. But 20,000 MANPADS.....that's quite a bit of overkill, so to speak, had his goons actually used them...I guess NATO was glad that they weren't fired skyward.
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    Well, the silver lining is, any weapon system with chemicals/explosives and electronics MUST receive periodic maintenance and inspection - any bets on whether the Camel Jockeys are doing that? Otherwise these systems will degrade into something far more dangerous to the user than the target......
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    When the users tend to be suicidal anyway

    It's cold comfort to those innocents on the downwind side of a prematurely exploding mustard gas shell : O

    but yes...own goals are very satisfying to see (at a distance) when it comes to terrorists. ; )
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    haven't we already been through the weapons of mass destruction BS with Bush-lite already? Is this like round two to distract us long enough to declare another war?
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    My guess is that they did use MANPADs when possible against NATO forces. Our aircraft have countermeasures and flying techniques that negate, not completely eliminate, the risk of MANPADs. The concern is the potential use against civilian aircraft. While less likely in the US (not impossible), shooting landing aircraft full of Western vacationers is very plausible in other countries.

    I have tracked MANPADs before becasue the threat against rotary wing is HIGH. The numbers that kept me awake at night were by the handful.... nowhere near 20,000.

    This ties into my biggest complaint in Libya... without BOG, there is no controlling the 2nd and 3rd order effects. If a depot officer decides that he wants to make some $$ to start his new life in new Libya, 20,000x200=4,000,000 dead folks... that kind of puts the worst case in perspective.

    That kind of leads me to my ideal use of our Armed Forces... don't. The current dictator at least has control of these items, something to lose, and a healthy fear of our military might. If the POTUS/Congress still feels the need to intervene, make it painful with no nation building in the endstate of the plan. Our economy can't support it. Reparations from any defeated country would help- oil or otherwise- contracted to only US companies for US consumption. I call it the F*ck-All plan ;)
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    I'm calling BS on it. Wag the dog. Prep. for false flag.

    It's not like our government has told us the truth very often in the past few decades.

    Methinks they called 'Wolf' a few times too many.

    Just my opinion
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    Are you basing this on the fact that the Russians DON'T proliferate MANPADs?

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    LMAO! Nope, I'm basing it on the fact that our government loves to release information to make other groups look like the 'big fat boogieman' that is going to rape our women, steal our kids, and destroy the world.

    How many more conflicts are we going to initiate based on bald faced lies. Now if our government had real actionable proof, we wouldn't be reading about it in the mainstream media. We'd be reading about the action taken based on proof.

    Putting it in the media is just a way to try the 'world' in the court of public opinion, rile up the citizens to support, nay demand action.

    IMHO, It's a farce man, a wag the dog moment.

    As for MANPADS, meh, they could sit at the end of a runway with a couple of AK's and occasionally get themselves one of them big silver geese. MANPADS just make it easier to do at speed and at range. But the bullets are cheaper and more readily available and less conspicuous.
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    Just need an 'inside man' at the terminal - mechanic or baggage handler. When nobody's looking, plant 'something' in the proper place and "Bob's yer uncle".....
    Many reports of security getting ridiculous for the paying sheeple but loose as 'crap thru a goose' for the unseen behind-the-scenes workers.
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    I think you would have to be extremely lucky to down an aircraft with an AK. Considering the height, speed, and the stand off that most airfields have. IF 1 is shot down, there would be security at the end of every runway. Good in theory, but not in practice.

    A MANPAD, on the other hand, doesn't have to worry about best angles, moving targets, or being directly in the right spot. One could be off-set any distance up to 5 or so miles away from the actual airport fence. Fire and forget.

    Could it be a farce? Maybe. We aren't going into Libya to find out. That was a news report. Are the numbers correct? I have no idea. MANPADs aren't the only worry here and its only a matter of time before we see this stuff popping up. What we are doing right now is "hoping". Hope is not a method. We should have stayed out of this one if we didn't have the heart to put BOG. JMHO.
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    Actually, Our Commander in Chief did send, a Very FEW "Boots on the Ground" Military Guys, to Libya, LAST WEEK..... to see, just what was there, and what wasn't. It was reported on Drudge....
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