Licensed Conceal Carry Threatened w/ Execution by Canton OH Police

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    How do these guys become Law Enforcement ? The guy made enough threats he should be locked up.
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    Man, that website should be a sticky in the LEOs behaving badly thread. It's a rollcall of LEOs gone off the rails.
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    Did that guy get fired yet? I know he was on suspension pending a psyc eval, but I cannot find what happened....
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    Fired Canton officer Daniel Harless wins back his job - Canton, OH -

    CANTON —
    Fired police officer Daniel Harless could get his job back if he gets medical clearance to return to work.
    An arbitrator hearing Harless’ appeal ruled in the former patrolman’s favor. The 15-page ruling was dated Saturday and released by the city Wednesday.
    Harless’ attorney indicated his client is unlikely to seek his old job, at least for now. He has been receiving workers’ compensation and has applied for a disability retirement pension.
    But Harless now has the right to be back on the job, according to arbitrator Harry Graham.
    “Return to active service, if ever, is to be determined by competent medical authority,” wrote Graham, an arbitrator since 1972 and a retired professor of industrial relations at Cleveland State University.
    Harless found himself at the center of an Internet-spurred firestorm after a police car video captured him threatening a man he pulled over about 1:40 a.m. in an area with a reputation for drugs and prostitutes.
    During that June 2011 traffic stop, Harless screamed profanities and said he wouldn’t have lost any sleep if he would have shot and killed William Bartlett of Brewster. Harless had become enraged after he discovered Bartlett had a loaded .38-caliber pistol, which he was permitted to carry.
    “As soon as I felt your gun, I should have took two steps back, pulled my Glock 40 and just put 10 bullets in your ass and let you drop,” the officer screams in the video. During the flurry, Harless also said he should have gunned Bartlett down for being stupid.
    The video went viral on the Internet after being posted by Ohioans for Concealed Carry.
    In January, Safety Director Thomas Ream fired Harless for making threats during multiple traffic stops. Ream cited a pattern of verbal abuse and making physical or death threats.
    The safety director said the arbitrator had more information about the incidents. Unlike the city’s disciplinary hearing, when Harless was advised by a medical professional not to participate, he testified and answered questions at the arbitration hearing.
    “This is not a shocking ruling given all the things that were present for the arbitrator,” he said. “So we will abide by this ruling, and if officer Harless is able to get his medical clearance, we’ll let him back on the police department.”
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    And they keep trying to take more Liberty from us....
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