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    mentions the hierarchy of police v civilians,(i.e. "disobeying an officer" vs "disobeying a civilian" charges?)
    Cites examples of Emergency response teams keeping residents out and breaking into private houses. They Have liberated some firearms from pissed owners.

    Last year, the small town of Greensburg, Kansas was all but obliterated by a tornado of a ferocity not seen in the region since Dorothy Gale’s house was rapted away to Oz and deposited rudely on top of Hillary Clinton’s long-forgotten sister.
    That’s certainly more than enough for any town to suffer. However, the police establishment, displaying government’s infallible gift for compounding tragedy, made matters immeasurably worse by barring residents from their homes and then selectively looting them for firearms (and, in some cases, jewelry and other valuables).
    Gun Week reports that these thefts were made possible because officers "from various agencies" — local and state police, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, FEMA, and the ATF — "allegedly claimed that martial law had been imposed when it had not, and ordered all residents to leave the town."
    Those residents who discovered the thefts
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    :lol: @ Hillary's sister.
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    " ... and your little dog toooo!!!!!
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