lies, damned lies, and statistics

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dystopia, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Iwas just watching MSNBC so i could find out what the Obama administration wants us to think, it's easier then going to, they were talking about gun control for the 50th time today and they had a poll that 90% of the american people want more gun control. Bull@#$%, a couple weeks ago they said 80% of nra members were ok with universal background checks, more bull. Such propoganda, such lies. I saw a rep from gun owners of america on with Andrea mitchell and he just shredded her in every argument for gun control, and that was the last time i saw a balanced approach on gun control on msnbc
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    Maybe 90% of NRA members that watch I mean MSNBC

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    There's nothing inherently wrong with watching and reading the MSM. But in doing so, it's critically important to keep our minds open and looking for slants and editorializing rather than reporting. Finding the omitted parts is worth the effort.
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