Life without car and a backpack to shop for food in town ..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hank2222, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. arleigh

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    All the more reason to learn gardening ASAP.
    It is a long learning curve and not to be taken for granted.
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  2. Kingfish

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    We have a small local store about 5 miles away but that store wont last if things get bad. The big chain stores are many miles further and opne of the main reasons we prep the things we do. Walking out of here is the last thing I plan doing. Buying propane for the jeep RIGHT NOW at .99 cents a gallon is the best answer I have . I just wish I had the money for the big tank and wet leg right NOW. Amerigas is offering .99 cents a gallon for fill ups.
  3. Cruisin Sloth

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    @Kingfish , get as many propane jugs as you can , I use a 100# one that has the nice birthday , get it filled for 50 bucks & the tip it upside down with a hose from that 100# held high or above the MT old jug connected male to male hose & overnight it will transfer .
    Your working with 120PSIG and use gloves & goggles , so you don't burn yourself. weigh scale is to know the amount inside .100# bottle is 181# for my bottles , weight is embossed on them TW =81# plus my 100# LPG =181 # with an 20% area for expansion !!
    DO-NOT over fill for storage , they will fart it out !! I know .
    I have amassed more than one wet sub & I can move it if need be .(tractor for the 500 pigs) .

    But you get my point , and this is a NOT Recommended procedure , till your having a smoke & and transferring .

    Remember LPG / Propane is heaver than air & sinks into hols like muster gas did. To flush your lungs of it , invert on stairs face down & downhill & breath .
  4. hank2222

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    Yes that true but it was crazy during the time the gas was at 5 dollars a gallon out here .people where. Crazy as heck when it came to making sure the car gas not stolen from the vehicle
  5. OldDude49

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    Then I'm guessing you know where Madera is [OT]
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  6. Gator 45/70

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    10 Bucks a gallon?
    Man, My royalty checks would be outstanding!!!
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  7. chimo

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    My shopping bike:
    (I normally mount a couple of milk crates on the deck and put the front panniers on when shopping for groceries)


    On a related note...when I lived in rural New Mexico it was customary for all the grocery stores to offer dry ice, since so many folks lived an hour or more away from the stores. You ask for dry ice back here in Ohio and they look at you like you are nuts.
  8. Ganado

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    @chimo I remember those days in NM!
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  9. weaselhawk

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    At the time i had no car. Was few days after my birthday got 30$ in the mail in a birthday card. I get this great idea ill ride my bicycle 25 miles from me to this 10 person town a guy there has a store if you can call it that its in a old shed if you knock on his door and he is home he will open it up and sell you food i was thinking ok ill ride there and get food and a six pack. only a 25 mile ride on gravel in hill country i was 44 and not rode a bike since i was 14. i made it about 1 mile and i got off the bike and tossed it down the hill its still there and walked home. numb no 44 year old man that has not been on a bike in 30 years has any bussines on one i was numb two days bikes are no longer in my survial plan
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  10. Kingfish

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    I have around 10 of those 1 pound 4 packs of propane, 8 20 pound grill tanks and 4 100 pound cylinders to go with my 500 gallon sub tank. What I need is another sub tank like a 300 gallon with a wet leg to fill the jeeps fork lift tank.
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  11. AxesAreBetter

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    Everyone I have ever met that talked about how awesome bikes were was not riding a "normal" bike. Reminds me of an old school 10mm guy talking about how pistols have stopping power. Haha.
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