Lifesaver Non-Electric Steam Water Distiller Kit

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  1. Bear

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    Aloha Gang,

    I picked up a couple of these and am offering this at a fraction of what I paid for the appreciative Monkeys here....

    I chose this kit over others after speaking with the owner of the company and looking at what it would take me to put it together myself...

    Especially sourcing the stainless steel tubing in the proper gauge and properly bending it in the just the right size of a coil with the proper number of coils to optimize the condensation in a simple 5 gallon bucket....

    Yup... paid a pretty hight price... about $190 each... and I purchased a few more...

    You'll still need a 5 gallon bucket... some sort of way to boil water and have the steam channeled and a length of food grade high temp tubing... most have the first two ... I have plenty of 5 gallon buckets and I use my pressure cooker... the food grade tubing I recommend is not vinyl but rather reinforced high temp food grade silicone... you can get that at amazon easily and it's pretty inexpensive.... and it will last way way longer than any vinyl product... ask me how I know ;)

    So the pic shows a piece but I don't recommend it... in a pinch you can use just about anything I suppose....

    Anyway... pics a self explanatory but happy to answer questions... set mine up when I got it and it works like a charm... any heat source... I used a kerosene stove and also charcoal.... with a pressure cooker and a simple water boiler....

    Happy to answer any questions...

    No way do I want you guys to pay what I paid...

    $75 plus $15 priority insured with tracking shipping to USA is about what I think is a fair deal... the coil alone is worth the cost, time and effort of making your own properly.... and it is stainless... not copper.... and the manual has a bunch of great info....


    Thanks for looking...

    Have a wonderful week!

    Take Care and God Bless,













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  2. Hanzo

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    Does the filter filter out metals and chemicals?
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  3. Bear

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    LOL @Hanzo ... this is not a "filter"... it is a distiller... literally you can run sewage (last resort) through this and only the steam (water) will come out and condense in the coils... you can desalinate as well as other distilling applications as well.... of course 99.9999 etc percent... (I suppose other gasified contaminates could recombine in the condensation process) depending on how well you clean your tubing etc.... non electric distillers are the ultimate in emergency clean water providers IMHO.... I'm sure others have opinions on this...

    editting to add (I'd better clarify that statement above... depending on the emergency- no electricity and questionable water - and if you are able to boil water... non electric distillers are the ultimate in emergency clean water providers... )

    Here's a link to the tubing I highly recommend... food grade... hi temp... reinforced...
    Braid Reinforced Silicone Tubing: Industrial Plastic Tubing: Industrial & Scientific

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  4. Pax Mentis

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    PM sent..
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  5. Hanzo

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    I know. But there is a white cylinder (charcoal filter)...

    There are some chemicals that will not distill out of water. That's why I thought a the filter might be to filter the distilled water. There should be nothing organic after distillation. But might still have metals or chemicals.
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  6. Hanzo

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  7. Bear

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    Aloha All,

    The purpose of this "Buy Sell Trade" thread wasn't to go into detail on what processes will or won't or might or might not filter or purify water...

    I posted pictures of the manual kit for interested members to look and read and make a personal decision after careful thought and maybe some research...

    Like what carbon in a post filter cartridge (shown and listed in the manual - in the pictures) will or won't filter out and the efficiency rate... (and if you believe it or not based on the reference source)

    I really don't want, nor do I think it is appropriate, to get into a technical discussion here on the many various methods of water purification and filtration and their percentage efficiency and effectiveness... and debate their pros and cons in various scenarios...

    Nor do I profess to be... and I am not a water quality, filtration, purification technician or expert with years of professional experience... (if anyone here is one of those... your own thread on this topic, that starts with your verifiable credentials would be greatly appreciated!)

    Nor will I attempt to cite credible references and objective studies to back up my opinion here in a debate or discussion regarding this or any other product(s)... most certainly not what "might" be or not be regarding distillation and or carbon and metals or chemicals...

    I appreciate the comments and anyone is certainly welcome to contact me if they want "my humble opinion" or better yet... start a thread on this...

    I do not want this thread to become something it was not intended to be or worse....

    Please consider this thread is now "Closed"

    Have a great Wednesday all!

    Take Care and God Bless,

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  8. Bear

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    LOL... No worries @Tobit and no need for an apology.... it's all good...

    Have a wonderful day!

    Take Care and God Bless,

  9. Hanzo

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    Sorry @Bear. I only asked as it would have influenced my decision to buy or not. In a scenario like a hurricane or massive flooding, I know the distilling process will take out anything organic, but often times, water in that situation may still have chemicals and metals, from my meager understanding. So if the filter takes it out, cheehoo! Plus, I figured why else would they include a filter in the distiller kit.
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