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    1. jerrycan.

      Some timely budget-friendly prepping opportunities at Safecastle right now ...

      1. a. FOUR 15-year Lindon Farms freeze-dried MEAT buckets AND the Lindon Farms Storage Seeds bucket are all 10% off. Even better-- each of the meat buckets comes with a FREE GoalZero Crank Flashlight!

      b. All the Food for Health International buckets are 15% off ... for members,32% off!! There are 15 unique 20-year buckets to choose from.

      Shop our Bucket List Sale here today.

      2. Come April 1, producer prices on the Mountain House pouch buckets are going up. These MH buckets are filled with some of the best selling freeze-dried food varieties in pouches ... tested to last 25 years on the shelf! Two bucket varieties to choose from, or select both. Free shipping and member discounts DO apply.

      3. We now have WaterBricks--robust, portable, stackable ... at great member prices!

      4. LifeStraws are back in stock and ready to ship!

      5. And Jerry Cans are shipping too!​
  2. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Monkey+++ Vendor

  3. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Monkey+++ Vendor

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