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    The drawing is over.
    You can purchase signed copies of Lights Out here: Lights Out by David Crawford - aka Halffast

    Update 12/3/2010: Updated cover art and post by David. Looks like we may see LO in time for Christmas.
    Update 9/28/2010: I received an email from Halffast recently and he told me that he's nearing the end of the final edit for publishing. He's a little behind on his target and was beating himself up over commas and other uses of the English language. If everyone could post a quick note in support, I think we can get him to finish this task!! David should be checking in here again soon.

    Lights Out by David Crawford a.k.a. Halffast came well before One Second After and describes the aftermath of life in the US after an EMP attack disables electricity and a multitude of other modern items we rely on for everyday tasks and our lives. A riveting story that has accumulated a cult following around the internet since Halffast began to release the story a few chapters at a time.

    Post here for a chance at 1 of 20 signed, hard copies of Lights Out! by Halffast. Survivalmonkey will randomly select 20 names from this thread once the book is published. I've talked to David about this thread and he supports it; we will have copies of this book the moment they are released.


    Notification of the selected will be via this thread as well as survivalmonkey PM; I suggest you make sure your email address is accurate and would also advise you to Subscribe to this thread with email notification for updates, ETAs on the book and movie and any other information as well as the final 20 winners.

    This is open to new and old members with no restrictions other than you may only enter once. A post in this thread counts as your entry. The term 'hard copy' has been used to denote a difference from the original digital copy - I do not yet know if Lights Out! will be published as a hard cover or a paperback.


    It had been so easy. Eight nuclear tipped ballistic missiles that the former Soviet Union had reported as destroyed. And at only five million soon to be worthless dollars apiece, they were quite a bargain. Then, three million for a Chinese scientist to tweak them for the desired effect. Of course the scientist was smart enough to demand his payment in gold. But that was no problem; it was pocket change to the billionaire. The oilman already had the tankers to deliver the payload. He had just modified them so that each one had a launch tube that would be very difficult to find, even if the idiots who imported his oil bothered to look.

    The smile on the old man’s face grew bigger as the second hand swept around the dial. How long, he wondered, until all of the westerners turned on each other once it was Lights Out?

    Survival fiction, EMP
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    Re: Lights Out by Halffast free, signed, hard copies promoti

    Seacowboys is definitely participating in this one!
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    Re: Lights Out by Halffast free, signed, hard copies promoti

    So's ghrit.

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    Re: Lights Out by Halffast free, signed, hard copies promoti

    Count me in. What a wonderful gesture! I have my fingers and toes crossed.... some are starting to ache... lol .... when is the drawing? Good Luck all.
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    Re: Lights Out by Halffast free, signed, hard copies -promot

    Excellent! I'm in.


    Oh yeah! Lucky #13!
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    Re: Lights Out by Halffast free, signed, hard copies -promot

    I'm in too! What a great gesture!
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