Lights Out by Halffast - signed copies - David Crawford

Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by melbo, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Mysty

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    This is the book that started me prepping. Its had a huge impact on so many people.
  2. Crimson Wolf

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    Okay, I'm in too![beer][kneelsuckers]
  3. TxAggieA-Batt

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  4. roelke

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    Sweet count me in.[winkthumb]
  5. kyfho

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    Been a while since I last visited here, had to re-register, but please add me to the "I WANT IT" list. I'll take the free signed copy for my library and buy 4 or 5 more for gifts and lenders.
  6. louisianarebel

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    IN.. I cant wait to read it again.
  7. thelight

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    I was pointed to this thread from over on the ZS forums by Halffast. I'm in.
  8. midmo

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    In! "Patriots" got me looking around, but "Lights Out" made me take it all seriously. Best of the genre. Thanks Halffast!
  9. GuiltyDaze

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    Throwing my name in the bucket...thanks!
  10. ORMilitia

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    Please count me in.

    Thank you!
  11. johnny12gauge

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    Count me in too. That story was terrific.[applaud]
  12. smk7997

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    Re: Lights Out by Halffast- signed copies- survival EMP fict

    SWEET! This is my favorite book. I couldn't put it down and have referred it to many. Would love a signed copy and will be rushing to the store as soon as available for purchase as well.

    P.S. I always thought this would be a great movie and so hope that comes to life as well.
  13. K.AR-15

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  14. papa_t

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    I'm in

    I'm in too. I'm new on here and i've been looking all over for a link so i can download the book. I would really love to read it. can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks
  15. Spikehorn11

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    I'm in.

    Any word on when it will be released?
  16. K.AR-15

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    halffast has asked that all internet links be pulled in preperation of his having it published...

  17. melbo

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    Nice response. Spread the word that we are going to give away 20 signed copies and will possibly have more signed copies for sale after that.
  18. papa_t

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    I can't wait until it's published I found a link with the first 20 chapters. The man is a genius!! I'll buy many copies for friends and family. I'm hooked. Thanks
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  19. Saintnick001

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    I registered here just to enter this drawing. Nice site. Now to take a look around.

    ETA: OK, found my new favorite site for a while.
  20. Axiom

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    Big fan of Halffast's work. planning to buy a copy anyway, but an autographed freebie would be treasured.
    Thanks for the chance
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