Lightweight 3-4 Person Camo Tent?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Warscent, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Warscent

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    Ive been looking for a lightweight 3-4 person tent for my wife and two children to use for casual camping.Would be nice if i could crash in it to,but not likely.I prefer the open air. Lighter the better.As for the color,,earth toned or camo.I cant stand typical casual tent colors.Just the way i was raised.Any help on this would be great.So far no luck.[banghead]
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    Another thing to think about is this. Do you want a 3 or 4 season tent.
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    Well be staying overnight on a river trek and camping on a sand dune somewhere between start and finish.I own two snugpack 2 person tents.One for my wife and I and one for our two girls,but im looking for something cheap that my two little ones and the wife could read a book in if it starts raining at night. .There isnt enough room in our snuggies. The weight really wouldnt matter come to think of it.It will just be sitting in the canoe most of the time anyway and id rather just bring one tent for the 3 of them while i build temp shelter for myself.

    That Texas tent might be just what we need. Thanks .
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    Several years ago,I got a 3-man woodland camo dome tent from The Sportsman's Guide, and have used it a fair bit, including motorcycle trips. BIG for one guy, but it holds all my gear and me, and I can use a twin-size air matress - very comfy! Has a rain-fly, and the only time I got water in it was when I failed to securely close the door zipper during a hard rain.
    I recall spending less than $100 for it.
    Sometimes they still offer something very similar.
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    I can agree with Brokor- I've owned an REI Camp Dome II for quite a while and have taken it all over, even winding up sleeping in it while getting brushed by a hurricane in North Carolina. It is nice, well built, relatively lightweight, and made of quality materials. If the CD4 is built the same, it will last you for some time and perform well.

    I would suggest that you get the footprint for it if you plan on using it more than once a year, or pitching it in rocky environments.
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