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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rustyb380, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. rustyb380

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    Help Please.

    My wife and I have only really broken the surface on getting prepared for SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, or whatever disaster that may be coming???

    My question to all of you is how do we find like minded people without being the "crazy one's in the room" although it maybe us "crazy people" still around. We are finding it hard to stay on track without some acountability.
  2. RightHand

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    rusty, I'm afraid there isn't too much good news to send your way because most of us have become accustomed to being thought of as the crazy ones. Prepping takes a commitment to your own best interests. Once you have mastered that concept, it becomes fairly easy to be stay on track. The thing is, even if you are in the company of like-minded people, they are probably as circumspect about their prepping as you.
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  3. rustyb380

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    I was worried this would be the response, I had basically already answered my question but I guess I needed to hear the hard truth. It would be alot easier if my family did not thing I'm cray.
  4. ghrit

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    I've been known to sign my email with a link to this site. Those that think I'm a loon, usually don't take the time to either notice or respond. Those that think like me make it known. Not many are "local" but at least I know where they are and that they can be relied on for something, even if it isn't clear what at the start. Not many, I must say, think like we do.
  5. Minuteman

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    Myself and some of my friends were all laughed at and called crazy pre Y2K for stocking up on food and water and buying generators etc. Just a couple years later when tornado's came through and knocked all the power out for weeks in our area we were the ones with electricity, food, water etc. while the ones who were laughing at us were down at the high school standing in line to get drinking water from the national guard. Don't let it bother you. He who laughs last.....
  6. Pyrrhus

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    I've been "crazy" for years. Interestingly, my parents were visiting about 2 weeks ago, and my mom asked, "Are you a prepper?". I didn't answer, I just smiled. Later, she started asking about what they should store. It took my wife about four years to wake up (those were hard), so you have it pretty good if your wife is on board. It just takes time, but that isn't always sufficient. My 5 siblings all think I'm nuts, but my 5 kids are fully involved with "stockpiling". When push comes to shove, I endeavor to be able to help my siblings, but my parents and my family will be taken care of first.
  7. rustyb380

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    At this point I have decided that if or when it all does happen I should have enough to share with my mom and dad and siblings, guess thats alot better than nothing huh?
  8. VisuTrac

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    You are a better person than I. I told my folks and siblings that they really shouldn't spend every penny on immediate gratification.

    Instead, buy and put away some food, clothes, water, batteries, candles in case hard times come.

    Their response, our power grid never goes down, it's hydro. there is always gas and plenty of stores. No need to prepare.

    I'm glad they live 500+ miles away. I'd hate to have to turn 'em away if'n they got here.

    God helps them that helps themselves.
    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink.
    Best plan of action when you have found yourself riding a dead horse: Dismount.
  9. Pyrrhus

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    It's an ambitious goal. I would feel pretty crappy, but I would starve my siblings before my children (fortunately for me, I'm pretty sure they would too. Also fortunately, I have way more firearms and ammo than all of them combined). Prepare as much as you can, and pray even more. Remember to endure. If you commit to this, it is a lifestyle until you die. If you aren't going to commit, just throw a few cans of beans in the pantry and go back to watching DWTS.

    Honestly, I don't recommend prepping to many people. It's so much easier not to. Commitment to prepping will result in late nights, early mornings, extra aches and pains, and generally a pretty dour disposition. On the other hand, it might keep you alive.
  10. rustyb380

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    Leaving all togther would be a great idea but turns out my parents have the best place to run to in the event. Large lake less than a mile away, lots of deer and wild hogs, as well as good land to grow gardens. Biggest problem out of potentialy 10-12 people my four will be the only ones half ready.
  11. Pyrrhus

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    Then try to convince your parents first. Then work on the others.
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  12. Capt. Tyree

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    Monkey Nature....

    One preps for a basic disaster scenario of short to modest length and severity in the beginning. It is then that he discovers among his friends, neighbors, and family members just how populous are the head-in-the-sand ostriches with zero survivability in their mentality.

    After achieving one's basic prepping response position for the initial scenario, he gradually branches out to cover other more extreme happenings, building supplies and capabilities along the way.

    This is where most of us Monkeys are right now--continuous improvement. Whatever level of disaster each of us has prepped for, we are better off than we were when we started, but not yet as good as we want to be. Where each of us will be satisfied is an open question.

    Human (err Monkey) nature, I suppose.[yack]
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  13. Pyrrhus

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    I think I'll catch up with prepping about six months after I die. :)
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  14. BTPost

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    There are Prep'ers, and there are Prep'ers... Many Prep because they feel the Pressure from events, The Apocalypse, the .Gov, or other outside issue. Many just like to have "Stuff"handy. Many are GunNuts, and Preps go with Guns. Some come from Military mindsets, where Logistics is important to Winning. Then there are Folks Like Momma and I, that come from a Long Line of Prep'ers, going back generations. Our parents, Grandparents, and Great-GrandParents, were Prep'ers... They planted, harvested, and stored their Food. Made their Clothing. Baked their own Bread, Ground their own Flour. Did for themselves, instead of depending on outside sources for the Necessities of life. No, you do not have to live on the land to do these things. Can your wife sew a dress, or make Pants, and Shirt, cook from scratch a weeks worth of meals? Can you make your own Power, Fix your own Vehicle, or Hunt for your Meat? Prep'ing isn't so much storing Stuff, as it is a mindset, and possessing SkillSets, that will allow you to survive a Disaster or a SHTF Event, in your area. Up here where I live, we have to Prep' every Summer, to live for a minimum of 6 Months, before the next barge will arrive, with resupply. Could you live with what you have for six months, with no Resupply? Momma and I have done this, every year, since 1991. It is a way of life, for us, and we understand what is required to live here, and within the constraints of our situation. Our summer Preps do NOT include our Long Term Preps. Those are a separate Store altogether. No, You don't get to this place in Prep'en, overnight. It takes time to gain the SkillSets, and Stores, in many cases a Lifetime., but If you do not START, now, you will never arrive, or even make progress toward that place. Just understand that it is ENERGY, that makes things happen. If you have it, then you can make things happen. If you do NOT have it, then you must supply it with your own muscles, to make things happen. Can you supply that ENERGY, for six months, before resupply. Energy comes in many forms. Wood, Gas, Solar, Hydro, Wind, Food, Air, Water, Etc. ..... YMMV....
  15. TnAndy

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    Piles of good advice so far, here's my two cents worth:

    If your parents place is where you plan to go, then you definitely need to get them on board, at least in some manner. You might do it from a standpoint of not "prepping", but just from a more simple living lifestyle....a "return to the olden days" if you will.

    Those deer and hogs aren't gonna last long enough to talk about, believe it or not, if things go south for a good while. What seems like abundance NOW will disappear WAY quicker than you think when everybody and his brother decides to take up hunting......waste from sloppy butchering and preserving alone will be unfreaking real.

    And "we could grow a garden" is a sure invitation to starvation if you've never grown a garden. The time to grow a garden is NOW, while there is still a grocery store to back you up when you make the inevitable newbie mistakes, or just suffer from conditions beyond your control ( blights, bugs, weather ). I've heard a lot of folks talk over the years about "I've got seeds and we'll put in a garden" and think "buddy, you ain't got a CLUE what it takes to raise food in the quantity to FEED YOU AND YOURS"....much less preserve it, and do it again next year, and the year after......and after the SHTF ain't the time to be learning.
  16. Witch Doctor 01

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    You may not want to try to contact/convert many folks as an OPSEC issue... those same folks that you tell now will also be the ones at your door step when SHTF... if it's family give them prep items for christmas and birthdays... then they will have some basics when they need it...
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  17. Alpha Dog

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    That's what I was getting ready to say, by attempting to locate others you could be giving yourself and family's preperations up and become a target. As time goes on you will start to pick up on little signs that will tell you that a person is of like mind. There are alot of people out there that feels they don't need to prep because when SHTF they will just take whats need. Because the L.E.O.'s will be tied up or non existant plus it's cheaper to take it. I know people the only thing they sock up is ammo and gun that will tell you their SHTF plan is to go take whats needed when everything is going to hell in a hand basket and people are running scared. So just be careful
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  18. CATO

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  19. fedorthedog

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    Im the crazy one at work but found two other who are quite about it. Find you local ham club. I was already prepping and got my ham ticket most of the teachers were preppers.
  20. Gator 45/70

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    I have noticed that when someone come's to me asking about a Gen.conversion that they in fact are prepper's of sort's...However the level which or how far they are into it..I will not say...
    But...The Give Me Free S**T Society...Has never ask about a conversion...
    Color me suprised...!!!
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