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  1. Allen

    Allen Monkey+

    Are you looking for a way to make lots of $$$$ without all the hard work?

    This is your lucky day.

    If you follow my instruction, you could be making $$$$ before the day is out.

    All you have to do is promise to give me some of your $$$$ in return for giving you this advice.

    There is no catch.

    If you don't make $$$$ right away, you owe me nothing.

    Over 90% of the people who took my advice were making $$$$ right away.

    All you have to do is hold down the shift button & hit 4.

    Make as many as you want, but you promised to pay.
  2. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    LOL .... no problem, it worked .... LOL .... I got big $$$. Here is your share $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  3. Tracy

    Tracy Insatiably Curious Moderator Founding Member

    Nice! :cool:
  4. Allen

    Allen Monkey+

    By the view counter, over 40 people owe me $$$. Maybe my 90% was a little off.
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