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    I'm not going to vouch for the site owner's state of mind, or the validity of her theories. [tf] [alien] :unsure:
    All I am going to say is that she has an AMAZING list of files, all available for download. I'm archiving them in complete, and I thought I'd post the link, in case anyone wants any of these.[woot]

    Pole Shift Survival Information
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    Still not on board with the pole shift theory- I do understand it has happened in the past but think there are so many other near term issues. A lot of articles in the link worth diving into and researching-good information DM!!
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    Gee, thanks. [touchdown]

    I said I couldn't vouch for her. I'm in your place, but my boss is a newly-turned Prepper, and she's seeing conspiracies and cover-ups under every bush and rock. Her latest theory is Pole Shift, courtesy of 'Planet X' or 'Nibiru'. I'm not discounting anything, but I've got a HUGE salt cellar to take grains of with any info I get.
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