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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Cabin Lady, Dec 26, 2016.

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    When I bought my land I started a blog. The land was bare. Just hay land. So everything is build up from scratch. I would love to share the link here but not sure if allowed. If not it can be removed. The website is I got trouble working on the website and decided to continue on facebook. Easier to put in photos and videos. Facebook page is Lpine Meadow Blog.
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    Saskia, I doubt that there will be any issue with linking to your blog, providing that it is not of the Nigerian princess kind where bank account details are being phished for fun and profit (Which it is not), all will be good. I am sorry for your loss; No longer having the love of your life with you is a hard thing, but you seem to have the kind of resilience that has enabled you to still experience the joy and wonderment of life, without having his physical presence with you any more. Sometimes, living well, and continuing to touch the lives of others in very positive ways is a greater testament to your relationship with Ron than a memorial stone.

    I have skimmed through your website to get a general feel for it, and I now look forward to examining it more closely, bit by bit over time. It is tempting to binge read it in one session, but sometimes being disciplined in such things, enables the pleasure of reading it to be extended over a longer time.

    I am glad that you have decided to establish a presence here at Survival Monkey: I think you will fit in here very well.
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    Forgive my ignorance. But, is there a specific reason as to why you do not have a water well in the ground? I would assume you can still pump water below the frost line, perhaps into a tank located in the cabin? Solar pumps would run enough during the day to provide enough water to get by, I imagine?
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    Thank you for your kind words. :)
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    Digging a well is very expensive and they will have to go real deep where I am located. So more money. The ground is pure sand here. You can dig 6 feet down and nothing but sand. If I win the lottery I may get a well. Lol. I did think about getting a cistern but I hear so many complaints around this area of frozen water lines. Makes me wonder if it is worth it. It would be nice to have something like a water tank next to the cabin in a build on space where it won't freeze.
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    cistern neededs to be burred five to six feet deep beside the house & the fill vented & filtered , from that you build your wood shed over it & keep the plumbing under the house & self draining back to the cistern.
    That is how the Homestead of the Wrights had theirs done . Same temps & province on a small log cabin & 8 kids . 18 hundreds to the 60s when they left the land for the towns. I spoke with all the elders at a family reunion in the 80's.

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    Take the pipes that go to the buried Cistern, and run them INSIDE a 3" PVC Pipe, buried more than 6" below the Frost Line, in your area.... Cap the ends of the 3" PVC with Expanding Foam from a Can.... Ours also has a 3 Watt/Ft HeatTape wrapped around the Pipe, inside the PVC, only because we have Generator Power to run it, if needed. Only had to run it, twice in 30 Years....
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