Energy Lister/Petter 4 Cyl Diesel Genset Lives....

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by BTPost, Mar 2, 2020.

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    Late last summer we scored a 4 Cyl Lister/Petter Water Cooled Diesel Genset from a neighbor up the Inlet...When I say “Scored” you have to believe at $800US it was almost a Steal...and he delivered it to our Dock...
    He bought a New 8Kw Diesel, along with a New Outback System for his place, so this one was surplus... I also got the Trace SW5548 Inveter/Charge that was part of his old system... My brother (The Engineer) is here visiting this week, helped me rewire the Control System, which was just chopped during uninstall... We have about 5 Hours into it, and got it running, Alternator charging, and Genend producing 2 Legs of 120Vac, or one leg of 240Vac...
    Turns out this is a 16Kw Genend and runs at 1800 Rpm... I really do not need that much Power at the new place, but with a Diesel, once you pay for the mechanical energy, the Electrical Energy curve is very linear as Kw/Fuel useage.... the less power you pull the less fuel you burn... I am so looking forward to getting. this installed in my Powerhouse, up at the new Place.... Tomorrow we tackle the 3Kw Onan 1Cyl Air Cooled Diesel Genset that needs a Rear Main Seal replaced..... With both installed, we can have lights and Battery charging, and regular living, using the Oman 3Kw, but on Laundry Day it will take the Lister/Petter, to run the Clothes Dryer... when it is raining outside and the clothesline, isn’t available...
    Pictures will be available tomorrow....
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    I have worked on those, well changed the oil. They're pretty solid.
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    [applaud] [applaud]
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    Glad you have some help for that job, thanx to yo bro.

    How many hours on the L/P?
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    Unknown, as it has gone thru four owners before me, and I only know two of them... I have the Manuals, butthey are up atthe New Place, and I can’t get to them now... Snow is to deep... maybe in a few weeks...
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