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    Late last night/early this morning I was sitting here trying to watch tv, dying slowly from the danged humidity and heat....66/109
    The phone rings...!

    I am told that around 6 pm there was a "get together-dinner" up north, that was for all intents and purposes, not a "meet and greet" thing...
    It was a "what IF? and What will you do"? Q&A session, and whom will side with whom, in a worse case scenario...

    Now my having NOT been a fly on the wall, I still have my intel on 'almost everything' that happens up there. ( I still have to sort the fly poop from the pepper!)

    So, I was "informed" that a select few have already made up lists ( not on paper), of those they will "partner" with, and those "others", that will be left in the cold..
    ( Ha! not in Arizona!)

    I was told what the "plans" are thus far and that these "individuals" have made up their minds ( oxymoron!) as to action/s they will be taking.
    Now I was not really surprised to hear that some are already implementing their "steal and scrap" ideas.....
    Not news to me. It's just got more intense. ( what I was a bit unhappy about, is 2 of the people that have chose this route...I'm not surprised though!)

    But, I was trying to control my laughter when I was informed that they all have their own lists, as to Which site will be "hit" and in what order....
    ( clue: they have NO opsec!)

    They will hit the one person that has a LOT of weapons, and little if any ammo for them. ( he's a "collector" not a shooter)
    His area is wide open and he has no defenses at all! One road in and out and virtually, NO escape routes!

    They "plan" on hitting another site that has a LOT of ammo, as this person is in "hiding" ( supposedly- WPP) and all he does is sit and reload, and estimates are that he now has over 10-15k rounds of 7.62 x 39, and more than double ( some say: 25-30k) of .308....
    He also has weapons and HE practices all the time...( good luck there BOYS! He is going to be hard unless you catch him off guard, and this guy is SUPER paranoid!)

    Then we come to those that are considered to be the "nuisance or liabilty" types...That will take out maybe 3-4 perhaps more....
    They "plan" on taking everything these people have and adding it to their own "collections"...

    A "wannabe" that seems to be an "ISSUE" with most up there. He is a supposed member of a Militia group ( he was thrown out long ago!), has a couple of amigos and they roam the area, playing war games...these MORONS love to PLAY soldier, (marching around) of all things!
    Now he could be a threat, and his "domicile " is made of solid rock, and he's hard to get to.... Rumors last year was that his dogs ( 3) were eaten when he was snowed in! The guy is a NUT job. Yes, he has weapons. and yes, he is capable of hitting targets. One outflanking move, and he is history.

    Now the real Problem is: you have 2-3 that "think" they are the leaders...
    This won't pan out too well!
    There will be a shootout (if they ever get that far!) That should eliminate about 3-4 more.....
    I'm getting "light headed"! ( this is too much!)
    Wow, they will kill each other off!

    Then their discussion turned towards foods, water, and fuels or energy needs...Who had them, who would get them, and how the "booty" would be divided amongst them all...
    I'd really liked to have seen and heard that discussion!

    Then, I was asked in a VERY round about sort of a way, how I felt about all of this, and IF I had any such plans or ideas.....
    I simply responded "YES".
    "I've sat up there, watched, listened, and wrote down what I felt was a necessity. I know what to do, who, what, when, and where."
    (Long Silence.)

    So I was asked who was on my "LIST"...?
    So I responded: "everyone".
    I guess that did NOT go over well at all!
    It got real quiet on the other end of the phone.....
    I asked are you there?
    "Yes. I am still here".

    So, "what's 'your' plan", I asked.
    "To kill whoever I have to to get what I want or need".
    "What do you mean"? I asked.
    "Well", he said, "If I want weapons or ammo, I will TAKE IT". "If I need food, I know where to get it". "If I need water, I know where to go for that too". "I won't do without"! ( I love this guy's PLAN! He intends to go to town and rob everyone, all the stores he can!) Good Plan!

    "Interesting! I see", I said...
    "So", I asked, "you are saying that 'whoever lives up there' is just a source for weapons, ammo, food, and water for you..."?
    " YES..and their gas, their vehicles, whatever they have that I want, I will take..." Uh huh...I sayeth I!

    "Hmmmm...." I replied, "so does that also include me as well....? the phone goes silent!
    "Well...." He says slowly, "I kinda figured you'd share whatever you have with me...."!
    "Oh, ok"....I say back in response. ( non-commital!)

    Now I know EXACTLY what I am dealing with, and those people up there are so baltantly ignorant, I decided to drop a bomb on their little "plans"....( just for $hits an giggles!) Why Not?

    I explained:
    "I have all the latest satellite photos of the whole area, and l know the entrances and exits of everyone's sites in the whole 10 square mile area....."
    "I know where everyone's weak points are, where they can hide, what roads they may try to take, and everone's flanks are exposed to any real attempt on their sites."

    ( My site is bare land, no markings, nada, to see what I have planned as of yet. No satellite pics of my place show anything but: dirt, rocks, and trees!)

    "I know what vehicles they all have, I know everyone's capabilities, their weapons, their solar and generating units. I know where their food storages are, their water supplies, and where they store their fuel supplies."

    "I know their dogs and which could pose a problem".
    (Not one person up there has the slightest idea of what to do, when, where, or why, if they did have a problem arise.)

    I also explained that "6-7 of them are easy targets, from a nearby mountain top, where a person that is a decent shot, could easily ruin a lot of people's days"...(They cannot ignore that fact. But, they have and they still do!)

    I also explained that "1 person that has any real training, could easily pick them all off in a matter of an hour or less. ALL of them."
    (Not one of them have any idea of cover or concealment, no concerns about sound and light discipline, have NO obstacles to overcome, no fencing that poses any real aversion at all.....)

    Nearly every single one of them consider themselves to be "Annie Oakley" and "Quick Draw McGraw"! I have seen them shoot! I know who is a potential threat and those that are not. (There are maybe 3 that can actually operate a rifle or pistol accurately)

    I am what "they" now consider to be the "WILD CARD" of the area.
    They never know when or where I will come in, (there are a number of ways to get there without being seen or heard).....
    They have no idea of which of 4 vehilces I may come in with.....
    They have no ideas of my weaponry, or my ammo supply, or my skills in that area.

    They only "know" and make "assupmtions" by what they have seen and been told. They have been told a LOT by a certain individual that has them a bit concerned about what I may do.....and be capable of.

    When I am up there, I am usually invited to lunch and dinner...They observe me like a hawk eyeballing a fieldmouse and try to illicit some information about me, the amount of people I may have with me, what skills they have and what they are able to do, and when and where.

    To date, they are still in the dark. I am always approached and asked to go shooting, and I always decline.....I simply tell them I can't afford to shoot, as I have little ammo and can't waste any.

    They know I am ex-LEO and I have 2 sons that are in L/E.
    They know I am EX-Military, and a 'Nam veteran.
    They know I don't drink or do drugs...( their offers are ridiculous!)
    They know I have "specialized equipment" they either can't afford, or simply chose not to try to purchase. ( BUT, they have big screen TV's!)
    They know I have "partners" and they have NO idea who they are, where they are, and what they know.
    They have seen me return fire on a group of 4, and they have seen me up there with a broken arm for days on end, with NO medical help.

    What they know is: that I am not like them and I have a completely different way of doing things and handling situations.
    They are concerned that I am not afraid of the local Sheriff's Deputies and that I stop and talk with them each time I come and go into town....

    It's a "cat and mouse" game....I sit, I watch, I listen, I make notes....
    I know who is who, and almost everything about each one of them.
    Their best "guarded" secrets are out and became public knowledge.

    If a real time/real life, Situation/Scenario ever plays out...I will set back, watch ,and listen, and make notes.
    Few will survive their own plans....Most will end up shooting each other, and in a very short period of time. I'd give it a 10 days to 14 days time limit. Then all that would be left to do is a MOP UP op.
    Simple mathematics. There is just NOT enough food to go around and there are some that call each other "friends" that will turn when they get hungry! A few up there have ample supplies, and some have little to none.....Some have to go to town 2-4 times (or more) each week to get food....Some have massive water supplies, some have little, maybe enough for 5 days IF they conserve! You can see where it's heading....
    Anarchy! The Have Nots, will go for the Have's!
    Then it's only a matter of time as the dominoes cascade out of control!

    They have no discipline at all, some days eveyone's your friend, the next they are your worst enemy. I have watched this game being played now for the better part of 2 years among those up there. I am amazed at how it is like a swing, back and forth, back and forth....It will break, as the "CRACKS" have already begun to appear, in their so-called: "alliances" and "friendships"
    As it stands, I do NOT consider any one of them to be my friend, merely an acquaintenance, and as the old saying goes:
    Keep your friends close, BUT, keep your enemies a LOT closer!
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    Well have a saying down here about Snakes in the Grass...
    However after reading your post..You already know that your surrounded...+1
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    Keep your opsec and distance.. odds are they have an informer closer to them than they think...
  4. dragonfly

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    No one knows it yet, but I have them "SURROUNDED"!
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    Thats one reason they called you in..They fear you and what you can do...
    Question now is...Do you want to be in their little group...
    I don't think you do...Choose wisely...

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    Just smile and wave Boys! (Keep smiling and keep 'em guessing!)
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  8. STANGF150

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    LoL DragonFly, yer another one these Monkeys that monkeying around with the Less Gifted's Heads!!! LoL

    Have fun with your lil playmates!! They sound like teenagers in their ignorance! LoL
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    They sound ready for a conspiracy arrest... lets see conspiracy to steal firearms... felony, conspiracy to commit theft, if any one is injured or killed it's conspiracy to commit murder etc... Damn they are in deep doo- doo...
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    Almost 9 out of 10 up there are either running or in hiding.....(multiple choice)
    Some have 'out of state warrants', some are 'failure to appears', but for the most part, all are paranoid! Not one I know of ( ok maybe there is 1 or 2) out of the lot ( say 20+) are not allowed to posess a firearm...(Convicted felons).
    1 is now running a full blown still, 3 or 4 are growing their "herbs" in a variety of places, mostly in their respective yard areas.....
    Some ( I'd have to guess maybe 1/3) are "squatters".
    It's a zoo and a 3 ring circus for the most part!
    But, IF you have a weird sense of humor, then it's kinda "interesting" to observe their antics!
    Ok, a MORBID sense of humor!
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    Seems like a very odd group of people, I would not want to live near them. It's people like that that inspire me to keep plenty of lead throwers and practice all the time.
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    If I knew or knew of anyone with this line of horse-crap, my list would be who to assassinate first in the name of domestic security
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    The good thing about these kind is when the SHTF they all end up falling victim to their own actions and get used as targets. It will be extra supplies for dragonfly because in my world rules are when you go down we split your equipment. You got to love idiots they make life so easy sometimes plus they are fun to watch.
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