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  1. Getting started on a 1Kw solar setup with a 4.5kw lithium battery. First project is a 2 axis ground mount panel rack. Im detailing everything in video for anyone that's interested.

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    Thanks for the video , good job. If you get wind/snow I recommend more fasteners to hold things together.
    also a fail safe in the event the weight snow over loads it.

    If I may ,
    A good friend sold me some of her old ARCO panels (which I am still using) she had on articulator . She had replaced with new ones at the time.
    it was designed to track the sun light , Unfortunately what it did was track the brightest light in the sky which was some times a reflection of the sunlight on clouds , while this is not real bad, the unit moved a lot using up a lot of energy "searching" ?
    I have plans to build an articulator, however, I will be using timers, and not photoelectric cells, to aim the array .
    Food for thought .
  3. Thanks for the reply. I dont plan to use a automatic tracker. I will turn it manually when needed and leave it static when we are away.
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    OK well that works too .
    Mine are in a fixed positions mounted on my shop trailer .
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    There are 2 schools of though on solar trackers.
    Old school believes they are a necessary evil. This was true when solar panels were $40 per watt.
    New school believes that that solar tracking is unnecessary, it's cheaper and more relyable to put out more panels.

    I am on the fence with them, I figure if you can build a heavy duty manual tracker to quickly and easily reposition them as we go through the year as the sun gets higher or lower at the peak of the day or for if one day you just need more power then go for it.
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    @oil pan 4 pan got it right. You can buy several extra solar panels for what even a modest tracker costs and at the same time avoid the added mechanical and technical complexity that come with them.

    Except in very specialized applications, trackers are old school. That's why you hardly ever see them. This isn't 1980. There are better ways.
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    Sir this is NOT the way those brackets work !! The bent tab go's between the panels so the flat presses the frame ..
    YOU are causing a pressure point that might crack the glass !!!


    bad mount.JPG
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  8. Mr Sloth. Thank you, Its obvious once its pointed out! i will correct them asap!
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    Your manual turning them & adjusting them is just fine . I have winter set at 45*to 51* summer at 22-28* or close on my manual moving sets. The others are fixed to the roof's . looking like you need to do a little tree trimming for the winter locked setup , And I assuming that your not there in the winter SO i would have the panels upright for no snow load & pointed south .They will pickup the snows reflection in lue of the correct angle. Hardware I would use on that build would of been stainless 316 and nylock nuts & stainless washers , any steel to aluminum contact I have used two sided acrylic foam tape (pro form PF940 ) that give the panel a little cushion and then it's mostly just stainless touching the aluminum frame .Grounding and balance bonding is another thing ,all copper should be tinned (solder coated ) so no electrolysis will happen if it touches the aluminum (AL)[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] AL to AL or tined copper lugs from panel frame to the steel frame with a tinned copper wire & then the same wire to the area that swivels all the way into the ground . WE Would the static Power & the bolts of lighting to go to ground . Static charge should be bonded so no hinges or swivels feel any power.
    When your reworking the panels & frame , Balance it so is heavy standing straight and it;s loaded or always wants to stand up , than gets rattles out . Next is a SPD is NEEDED where you are !! Zeus throws more at Ontario due to Ottawa .[​IMG]

    So you will need one of these wired in on the panels & some in the power room. [​IMG] SPD MidNite Solar Surge Protector Device (MNSPD) is a Type 2 device per UL1449 rev3. It is designed for both AC and DC systems and provides protection to service panels, load centers or where the SPD is directly connected to the electronic device requiring protection.

    Post up your power thinking also would be good !

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    Other than surge protection, how about lightning grounds?
  11. Good advice. Lots more work to do.
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  12. Cruisin Sloth

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    I did post that , but if you know solar , a SPD is to let the SPD take the hit and save the device , While the SPD is repairable & free , Many setups DO NOT HAVE THEM !!!
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