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    I have always liked the pay it forward idea and I have seen the little library boxes and thing the concept is great. Here is a new way to give charity. I think the idea is really kind and giving. I do hope that people respect the idea. It may get abused but it is a lovely idea. Hopefully city and county officials will leave it be.

    Little Free Pantries Spread Goodies From Sidewalks, Let Neighbors Pay it Forward
  2. Meat

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    That's pretty cool. I do something similar. Free water for dogs out on the road. Well people can drink it too if you get on all fours. [afro]
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  3. arleigh

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    In certain communities it might work for a while, however there will eventually be a tendency to abuse it by some that don't actually need it.
    Churches that support a food bank maintain a list of recipients that is shared another pantries, because there are those that will do their shopping there before going to the store and buying expensive foods and stuff.
    They don't actually need to be taking charity, but in doing so, deny it to those in real need.
    I worked in a food pantry/Christian thrift store. I know what goes on.
    It's best to bring your gifts to the pantry that distributes food systematically and organized and this insured that it is not abused.
    If some one is too proud to go to a thrift store/pantry, they have some humbling to do I their life .
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    I always thought that was really cool, but around here 1 person would steal the entire thing and then sell the fridge or box it was originally in on Craigslist.

    With oil prices in the toilet right now, I have more than enough laid off friends in serious need that I know exactly who to go visit and beg to take all the "excess" eggs and veg off my hands. To do me a favor, you know, since I'm out of room to store it all, since they're the sort that would never accept charity.
  5. Ganado

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    In the work I do some companies are now stocking pantries for their employees.
  6. AD1

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    I must admit I got excited when seeing this as I thought it said

    FREE PANTIES........

    It was before my first cup of coffee [LMAO]
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    Back on topic, I take all excess veggies to a few of my neighbors, when the cup runeth over with a good harvest...
    Call it good relations. ;)
  8. Tevin

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    I appreciate the spirit behind the concept but I'm not sure on what the point is.

    Wouldn't it be easier to donate to an existing food bank? Most churches have collection boxes too. Many of these organizations screen the recipients so the food goes only to people who sincerely need it.

    I understand the appeal of anonymity, but if someone is too proud to be seen at a food pantry then they probably don't need the help that badly in the first place.
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    I'm rather with the skeptics. In our community garden, sometimes people come and pick veggies from our gardens. Every person we've caught helping themselves to veggies is a professional (ie, a lawyer, two teachers, and an engineer are the ones I've met). The people who are truly in need usually grow a garden in the space.
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  10. Witch Doctor 01

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    We have started a food pantry at the college where I work... Lots of students in need... a good way to help rotate some preps...
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    I really like this idea. I do not live in a
    I think that could be the issue. The food banks screen the recipients but what is the screen process or what is it to qualify? That is a huge question. I know locally that the food stamp people get a cut in the food banks, where as many elderly do not.
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  12. arleigh

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    I have friends that use the food banks, and try to get me to use them, but I honestly have no need and my reserves at for my future, an those living and working with me.
  13. VHestin

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    On way to the store today, neighbor and I were talking 'bout donating our extra produce, I told them how to get in touch with the local food bank. There will always be abusers of goodwill, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm not gonna let that bother me. Those that ripoff charitable donations, they have to answer for that, not the givers. No point in letting some suffer because of the village idiots.
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  14. Motomom34

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    The local food bank here has a thrift shop attach so while I drop off donations, I also get to search for treasures.
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    My church has what we call the storehouse..... we do not vet people looking for help, ask questions, nor inquire why they are there. We only ask what their needs are and how we can be of service..... We have a huge church garden (folks can pick off the vine as they choose), which goes directly into the storehouse supplies as things ripen. We have a local bakery that provides us their excess with bread, rolls and so on. We also provide mechanical services twice a year for any that show up.... we have even sent folks down to the local tire shop to get new sneakers on the car...cost free. We have another team that goes around and just fixes issues, be it an old lady needing her yard mowed, trees cut back, or other assistance... charity is not a chore but a labor of love per se.

    Community outreach can be done at many it a couple of tomatoes, a loaf of bread and a whole frozen chicken to a family in need. These things may make the difference.... TODAY... for a needy family. Tomorrow, we can discuss how we can further help you.....

    What have you done for your community today... if you can not think of anything... you may need to look at that issue.....
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    Sort of like practicing random acts of kindness. I think that is what the Pantry Box is, a random act of kindness that is there. If you need please help yourself.

    Regarding the pantry box, I did worry about the heat and putting food out. I guess one would have to choose items to put in it that would withstand the weather.
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  17. VHestin

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    Powdered stuff and things like rice, oatmeal, and noodles would be okay in the heat I think.
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