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    While the numbers may be new, the bacteria is not. All livestock has a risk of bacteria being present. Pigs and Chickens are natural carriers of Samonella. Pig and Turkeys are Natural Carriers of Salmonella and Staph. All livestock can carry E. Coli. Humans for that matter carry a host of bad bacteria.

    The food activist have performed a real disservice in the war on big food. What might that be? Well they have created the illusion in folks mind that only confinements, feedlots and the big poultry barns are subject to these bacteria. Truth is that yes confinement animals and birds have much heavier bacteria loads than the small farm or backyard critters and tend to have higher levels of antibiotic resistant strains. While small flocks and herds have much lighter bacterial loads.

    Why aren't you guys that handle poultry and livestock every always sick with whichever bacteria? Two factors come into play there, years of exposure increases tolerance and we wash our hands quite often after handling the critters.

    Direct contact is not the only vector! Several years ago a farm in IL. hosted a fall festival every year in one of its pasture. There were never any problems with food born illness......... until one year. There was a major outbreak, I can't recall atm if it was E Coli. or Samonella but a lot of visitors got very sick. Massive testing and inspections were done and the final conclusion was that on the day of that particular outbreak, the wind was strong enough that it was blowing the pasture dust up. The pasture dust contained A LOT of horse and cattle fecal matter that contained a lot of bacteria. Which it was determined was the source of the outbreak. (Horses BTW are also natural carriers of E Coli and Salmonella)

    There is a reason why on dry windy days, I wear a cheap paper dust mask :) Aside from not wanting concrete dirt boogers in my nose ;)

    Children are more vulnerable because after handling a bird or animal they are far more likely to stick their hands in their mouths and fingers up their noses than most adults. Lets face children can be quite nasty little creatures :)

    Now factor in that Urban and town folk have had almost no exposure to poultry or livestock and the bacteria they naturally carry. Therefor have no built up tolerance or resistance in the antibacterial urban world...... Yeah it is really not a shocker that with rise of urban backyard poultry that there is a notable increase in Salmonella cases.
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    yes what he said

    he said it very well
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    My puppies eat bear scat....i scold them proper but they just cant resist getting into everything. I'm not a fan of vaccines but i'm glad they've got their parvo shots.
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    Lost a new best friend at 7 Months old to Parvo last year, Adopted him from a rescue that "has all shots up to date at the time of adoption." Except they were not and after 900 calls to the Aholes I got a form letter "Due to a lack of funding, vaccinations were suspended from May1st through September 1st of 2015" Included was a donation form and a return envelope. The outfit was shut down by the state shortly after that.

    Now you have not had fun until you have watched a great dog slowly die from parvo and rack up $2000 in vet bills trying to save him and finally he just closes his eyes and gives up. Still makes me cry to this day, all they had to do was tell me he was not vaccinated and I would have taken him straight to the vet and got the shots started and not let him run the fields and pastures. Lost one to Parvo back when I was a kid and didn't know any better, the first bloody stool is a smell you never forget and one you never want to smell again.
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    My brothers have lost several to parvo when they lived up's a hell of a thing. :(
    Mah dogs are 'murica migrant rescue refugees but we don't hold that against them...we understand the need to escape 'murican tyranny...
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    Any time my critters get sick I add colloidal silver in their water.
    Seems to work for me.
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