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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by hank2222, Oct 4, 2011.

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    Here is something i have been thinking about since i came home in Aug and the reason is i'm trying to not tax the cabin system intill it need after the SHTF for living at the cabin full time .

    So here goes some of the thing's i doing right now so not to tax the shelter's system

    The meat's and other cold food items are kept in a Engel MT. 80.qt freezer unit & Engel MT.40.fridge unit to keep my food cold & frozen . the cabin regular fridge unit is not used intill it need .

    Joined a local gym for my morning & evening shower as i need it & My daily workout

    learned to cook most of my food's on a small propane grill that i have outside the place useing a 1.pd sized propane canister unit's .I learned to make up most of the meals i eat and use the mircowave as it need in the cabin

    i do my laundry in town at a local place ..

    i have no sat tv or internet connection at the cabin .I get all my internet need's from a local place's that offer's free Wifi

    i use a dumb cell phone to make local & long distance call's as it need.

    Here in a couple of week's when my last check clear's i'm thinking of adding a few more solar panel's & battery's for use as a everyday system as it need

    so i post some other thing's i post that i have been doing here for a couple of week's of living up there
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    Why would you not want to try out your system so you can define its limits, so you can know where its down falls are, so that you can either improve them or know where they are, so you don't exceed them when it is critical?
  3. hank2222

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    I have completely stetched it limit's to max and i know it limit's and i do a system check every month on the battery bank to make sure it ready to go when it need
  4. STANGF150

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    Hank, I think I found out what the next level for your Smart Car should be. An from sum the things You've done to it, this sounds like the next logical step to guarantee you'll make it out to your Cabin!
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  5. hank2222

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    There is one that is a verison of Bigfoot truck with wheel's & tire's to match a monster truck set up .

    Yes my little smart may not be the socalled idea BOV but it work's for me and my lifestyle and it does haul enough supplies to make it for two week's at a time when i go to the cabin for down time .
  6. Nadja

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    Hank, glad your home. Why don't you post a couple of pic's of your cabin for all to see what you have been doing ?
  7. hank2222

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    i did post some picture's of the place and we cleared the fence line's to make a long fire break from the pasture to the house and few other thing's where i'm standing when the picture was taken is the entance to the place
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    2011 Jeep Nukizer 715 - Top Speed

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    The vehicle sounds good, but what happens to it if an EMP hits? It will be toast. If I could do what you have done so far, I would get an early 70's jeep and put some extra parts for it, those that stand a chance of getting fried in an EMP back and protect them in a lead lined container. Having a vehicle that actually works after something like that would be a really big deal.
  10. Tikka

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    Unless I am really far away from here; a vehicle is really low on my list of needs after an EMP attack.

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    Links to photos?

    Could you post links to the photos? thx
  12. D1RICH1

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    Yes post the link to the photos. This is really interesting
  13. Nadja

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    OK Mr. Hank. Tied of just hearing about it. Show me !
  14. melbo

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    I just searched his posts back to June and didn't find any pictures of cabin.
  15. BTPost

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    If I am not mistaken, Hanks place is Underground, and he just has a few outbuildings above ground....
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  17. STANGF150

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    whut he said^
  18. hank2222

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    here is some general picture's of the area and if you can figure out what is in one of the pictures you get a Booby prize for it
    027. 026. 025.
  19. ghrit

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    Looks like a vent stack or two. (I like boobies.)
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  20. STANGF150

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    BeerBoobies. Boobies.
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