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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by hank2222, Feb 27, 2012.

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    I live in less than 450 sq ft total in my place and at times i think it the perfect sized place for a single person to live and sleep in .But to others it a small cramped place to live in .I live & relax & cook & sleep in the unit and do no feel cramped at all when i'm in the place

    My friend electrical bill this month only was just over $300.oo dollars for the month for heating and cooking and other things that she use the appliances in her home intown

    My power bill so far this winter has been less than $17.oo dollars spent on two fills up of the 5.gallon gas can i use to for the small honda generator and a oil change with a new filter & oil and a check of generator system by a local honda deal because i want to make sure it started the new year out with fresh oil and filter on the unit

    So why do the avg person have to live in a super sized world and why do we want to live like that .My family and friends think i'm a bit off or odd as one person who i know put it because i do not drive a supersized truck or live in a super sized home and they think it odd that i drive a small car and live in a underground off grid home .

    So what your take on people who can not live small or be small in a off grid world
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    Gotcha beat hank, me, wife, 16y old son, Dane, mastiff, chihuahua live in 288sq/ft.. 450sq/ft would be like a mansion to us.. ;)

    Although we aren't quite as energy efficient as your getting, it's a much less stressful life, than living in a McMansion, specially when the economy contracts.

    We are planning on moving into an inground/solar property this year.

    When we decided to downsize, many in our family "felt sorry" for us..

    I never was one for having "stuff", other than tools and a motorcycle, but we tried it for a few years and I hated it.. I was a lot more stressed out, than when we lived in our old trailer.

    I think that many people who feel the need to have "stuff" will not fair well, when it has to go.. Many people that I know who equate stuff to status, usually freak out when that stuff gets broken, so, I don't even wanna think about thier reaction in SHTF scenario.
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    I think your philosophy is a cross between George Carlin and Buddha. :D

    Desire for more "stuff" is the root of all suffering. I used to be really into Buddhism...but, I gave it up. I can't sit on the floor and cross my legs and never met a titty bar that I didn't like.

    (NSFW language)
    George Carlin Talks About "Stuff" - YouTube
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    You could always try convertions to Buddhism, in titty bars..

    My weakness was always massage parlors.. ;) I always did like Carlins sense of humor..
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    i do have stuff as old george put like in the form of my books & dvd wallets filled with dvd along with my diff long term and short term supplies stuffed into the place with me living in the middle of it all .

    As you put it there is less stress on me than before when i lived in diff states with all the things i had in my life from my computer to tv to other things i have broken my life back down to the basic and i'm alot happyer in the long run over it .
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    I can sayt Ived lived my ups and downs, SECURITY is the key to being satisified, so if a tiny home makes you secure thats what you should do. Ive never been homeless but Ive come close and its not a good feeling, Ive at times had more money then I knew what to do with and it made me stupid.

    Unfortinatuly the American dream of wealth may go on hole for several years or even perminately, at that point its may be whatever it takes to survive.
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    I'm learning to pare away the non-essentials too. Sometimes I have trouble getting rid of things that I have owned for a quarter of a century. I sometimes wonder if I own them, or if they own me!
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    To add to this, as some may know, we are prepping to move to Colorado............................................MIL is moving with us, up from LA. I had to tell her that the piano, was not coming. She understood, and then realized that I was serious, and so conceded............................................She wants to move with us, and adores our "simple, uncluttered" life, but it never really hit her, how many materialistic items we shed, when we moved from LA to OK, yet she's been to visit us several times since we been up here.....................................................It's one thing to talk it, another to walk it.. Just sayin..................................................Gonna be hard for a lot of people..
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