LMT MWS .308 - Anyone have one?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Hispeedal2, May 31, 2012.

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    Nice looking rifle. Keep us updated:)
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    HS, imho, it is another overpriced AR10 platform. Which has really taken off in the last five years.

    Is there anything that My DPMS's can't do that The LMT, Patriot Arms, LWRC, Armalite, and most of all the SR-25 can. Probably not.

    The two that I have suits me t a capital T. The AP4 is my short rage putter, iron sights only, with my vision corrected to 20/20 with glasses, this is good out to 400 m. I elected to invest top grade optics for the top rifle.

    Which is the most accurate rifle I have ever had. Groups with factory match ammo is astounding. My most accurate handload is a Nosler 180 gr. BT behind a charge of Hodgon's Varget propellant. You would not belive that the groups are a consistent .05" moa, the smallest that has been shot with was by a life long benchrest shooter. Aggregate spread of .290 moa. All of my accuracy test consist of 10 groups, 5 shots per group.

    The price I paid for both rifles back in 2007 and 2008 were $900.00 each, NIB.

    If your heart is set on the LMT, then by all means go for it, but just like my Gibson Les Paul Studio I have, it sounds just as good as any Standard or Custom Les Pauls that Gibson make, but is the most bang for your buck.
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    Plus One on the Quote above. I would take it a step further, and say as much as I like most of our British friends across the pond, I would suggest BUY AMERICAN and keep the money at home. We need all the financial boost here we can give the economy. I am more and more buying local, and American, if at all possible. jus sayin'
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    Check out the Savage arms FCP-SR 10 308 sniper rifle. I am hitting on the money at 1000 yards. Berska 10x50 mil dot scope.
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    A local LEO has one that I have lusted after for a few years.

    Quality all the way.
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    I already own an Armalite AR10 and SCAR17S.... it's purely a want.
  10. NVBeav

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    Not that I generally advocate lusting after a rifle, but the LMT is worthy of drool. The monolithic rail system is a little heavy, but they just recently announced a lighter sytem built on the LM308MWS lower called the LM8MWS (link).

    The PMags and C Products steel mags (~$19 vs ~$13) are available at AIMSurplus.

    If you need something to go 800+ meters, it's probably a great choice. There are other .308 AR-style rifles that have recently come out, but I don't keep up with that stuff anymore. One of the complaints about the LM308MWS was the weight, hence, the LM8MWS was developed.

    When the LM308 came out, the accuracy was supposed to be incredible with standard ball ammo - about 1/2 MOA.

    Pleasant dreams!
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    Thanks NV Bear. You may have tipped me toward the slick version.
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    As reloaders know there are many factors to accuracy and after a great load is tuned; next is round to round consistency.

    Cruffler disassembled ammunition from 14 nations. They measured the propellent weight, bullet weight, OAL, and bullet length of each nation's ammunition.
    One can shoot less than .5 MOA with Mil surp; I've done it and so have many others. There is too much variation to shoot less than .5 consistently.
    YMMV, but IMO, Mil surplus is similar to factory ammunition years ago when there was almost always a flier. ;)

    Firearm Technical Trivia, June 2001
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    All good points Tikka. I've had some good Austrian Ball that would go into an inch pretty regularly. IMHO you can't ask for better for the price.

    In terms of 7.62, I shoot about 80% reloads and 20% surplus ball.

    Also of note, this rifle is available with a chrome lined bore and a stainless tube. If I recall the specs, the L129A1 was supposed to maintain body hits out to 800M with a service life of at least 10,000 rounds before needing maintenance. When we talk accuracy, a military weapon is a bit different than commercial weapon. 1 MOA out to 1K is typically the standard for military sniper rifles. I know a lot of civilian shooters that scoff at 1 MOA. Reality is that fast paced combat and urban settings have changed the dimensions of precision combat shooting. In truth, we have probably known this for awhile, yet have lied to ourselves. First shot hits are the stuff in the sniping community. In reality, the ratio is closer to 2 rounds for a hit. Hence the movement to the semi-auto sniper rifle. The peacetime military has trained for years for the 1k, one shot standard, but it rarely works that way in real life. The exception being fixed posts or planned hunter-killer teams where there is adequate time to observe the conditions.

    The reality is that I have no room to train for distance shooting like I had in AZ. 1 MOA is probably more than adequate for my needs (distances) here in TN. Based on the reviews, the CL barrel is probably more than adequate for my needs. The recent developments in shorter, semi-auto precision combat shooting reinforces this theory. The longer service life (acceptable accuracy) of the chrome lined bore is also a plus.

    I think the overall trend is a blending of sniping and designated marksmen weapons into something that fits both roles well. In the end, it's a more useful tool for more realistic ranges.

    I'm babbling at this point.
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    Great reflextion and analysis, especially on the combining of the sniper and DM roles.
  15. Tikka

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    Austrian is good; I've had good results with RG, Hirt, and Port. Many state Portuguese is still supersonic at 1000.

    Its getting to shoot at that distance where I run into problems. ;) I have a few places but they are becoming fewer.

    M14's was 15,000 before re-barreling. Match barrels were 5,000.
    "Typically, match grade M14 type rifle barrels begin to lose competition level accuracy after 5000 to 9000 rounds depending on use and cleaning. USGI M14 barrels were designed for a minimum service life of 15,000 rounds.
    M14 Type Rifles [/quote]

    As I know people with over 5K on a "match" barrel, maybe that is an military issue match barrel? Or their shooters notice inaccuracy quicker than my buds? I have to remember that one.. LOL

    The reality is about 700 in combat or real field conditions. Get pointed, aim, fire and hit something moving at 700m ain't easy. Even in field conditions that less than 1 MOA vanishes quickly. Lack of wind flags has an effect on accuracy. ;)
    When people hear I shoot long distances; they say sniper. Which is something a target shooter ain't.. ;)

    It depends on how the sniper is being used. Working with infantry, the task is officers, NCOs, heavy weapons and in general anyone who is bugging your Team.
    The advent of the 5,56 as a sniper round shows a range shortening effect in urban areas. The need for a semi-sniper/DMR appeared due to needs generated in the current theater.

    I've found a precision air rifle at 30m or so can be more than challenging with the slight breeze. When I shoot at 500 to 1000 and have been practicing with the RWS I am not stale. All the bio's are in tune and I only need to read the wind, the dots and read a drop chart.

    The theater will dictate what they do. Can't blame you I enjoy babbling on about shooting also. ')
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    I love the internet for comments such as this....I doubt that your POS Barska optic will hold zero...yet alone allow you to make hits at 1k. Not to mention that the OP was asking about a semi auto and you reply about a bolt.

    I never owned the LMT, but I'm sure it will be a solid rifle. I have owned three DPMS 308 LR and they all have been hammers.

    I don't have the "hate" gene as some members do. I like to buy what works for me without breaking the bank.

    There are many great platforms out there and it only takes money to try them out...if you like it...great...if not...try again.

    I don't think you can go wrong with DPMS, Larue OBR, SCAR17.
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