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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by groovy mike, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. groovy mike

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    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com[​IMG]I believe in stocking up. So I went in to buy more 22 while shopping for other things this weekend. I expected to pay $9.95 for 550 like usual. At Wal-Mart the counter talk was all about a 15% price hike on long arms. I picked up a 550 cartridge box of Federal 22 LR for $11.95 thinking that was high.

    I then went to Dick’s to price 22 cartridges there. The CHEAPEST box of 22 cartridges they had on the shelf was 500 rds of plain Jane lead topped Remington for $16.50! Keep in mind the just $9.95 at Wal-Mart just 3 months ago!

    9mm Luger is usually “on sale” every couple of weeks at Dick’s for $7 per box (when you buy 10 boxes). This week the flyer sale price was $10.95.

    I was surprised that a smaller shop (the local cop shop) had FULL shelves of ammo inventory. But then I noticed that 3/4 of what is there is OLD ammo. I mean like 10 year old boxes. Someone has cleaned out a private stash or estate sale etc. And they are now charging new ammo prices for the old inventory.

    There is perhaps 25% new inventory. I priced 22 ammo there too. What I thought was a bargain at first glance just wasn't. I saw a brick of American Eagle brand 22 LR for $11 and thought it was a good price until I saw that the box no longer held 500 rds. It is now packaged in 400 round boxes! So it was a 10% increase in price AND a simultaneous 20% decrease in product! There was no bargain there at all!

    If you haven't already stocked up go shopping. If your local shop has not yet raised prices stock up NOW.
  2. the dog

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    mike....the ammo deal is out of sight.i went to a gunshow this past week-end.no ammo deals...no surplus to speak of either.ammo is going through the roof and the goods to reload too.shotgun shells are unbelivable.....it is unreal.glad i still have a few in my stash.i am getting set-up so i can reload my brass i shoot it up.but no more shotting for fun.its just to costly now.we aint seen nothing yet !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    A lot of factors are coming into play on ammo prices, Metal commodities are in a bubble, ammunition produced for the so called war effort, and just good ol' fashioned capitilism are all coming into play on ammo prices, 11.99 wally world special is still the cheapest in town for 22 prices.
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    Ha and my wife screamed at me for spending 200 bucks on 22 ammo :shock: at the old price lol
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    When you find it for the old prices, buy all they have. It wasn't that long ago that Blazer Brass at Wal-Mart was $9.97. Now it is $14.88. I made a bunch of trips there to buy all they had at the cheaper prices. I am slowing down on shooting the .45 and 5.56/.223. I intend on shooting a lot more .22.
  6. groovy mike

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    Now go tell her how right you were and how much money you SAVED by stocking up THEN ;)
  7. franks71vw

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    oh yeah she knows it now good, now its more like I tell her ahead of time and shes like eh o k... she has seen the stuff go through the roof and I am pretty sure shes happy I bought when prices were low... [beer] I just save the high priced ammo when needed...
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