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  1. This afternoon I am foraging St. Johnswort and mullein flowers and checking the blueberries. I am located in northern Michigan. Other people mentioned harvesting St. Johnswort in June. It made me think about bugging out and how different foraging will be regionally. My mother lives about 200 miles south. It seems that crops are ready about three weeks earlier there.

    Anyway, I was wondering what medicinal plants are ready to go around the country.
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    I don't forage much now days but ample amounts of Garlic, Sage, Dill, Oregano, Rosemary, cayenne peppers, Various Mushrooms, and mints are getting sun dried, dark cured, dehydrated and in the case of the mushrooms ground to powder. All have various medicinal uses aside from making food spicey or taste better :) Fall rolls around I will snag some more Sassafras Roots, the fall mushrooms, Ginseng, goldenseal, bloodroot and blackberry roots to grind. I am in Southern IL (For Now)
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    Momma always made us drink sassafras root tea in the spring as a blood thinner. Old time root beer was made with sassafras,the good old days.
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    On my evening walk I looked for edibles. Since I live in the suburbs I really didn’t see any wild herbs. I did notice that the trees are loaded with edibles. There is an oak tree that is heavy with baby acorns and the apple tree looks like it will yield a good harvest. The grapes look real healthy.
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    Morrells April and may 3 days after a rain and then it heats back up.
    Maple sap- march early morning tap the trees and if you have frost in the early morning and it when warms up that's a good time to tap the trees
    Birch sap- late March April its season buts up against maple harvest
    Wild strawberry late June
    Wild flowering raspberries July
    Bears head or lions main rain and heat combo will produce beautiful Buches of this mushroom. It's like eating crab.
    Elderberry end of September. But not too early they are poisonous if picked to early. I gave my friend argot poisoning because I didn't warn her not to eat the white ones.
    I will respond back when I think about this more.
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