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    Went to a rally commemorating the first shots fired at Concord bridge starting the Revolutionary war. A couple of the speakers had nice presentations, including some historical notes. One is a local pastor, a right fiery type, that said words to the effect that preachers should be activists, not pansies, and stand for what they personally believe, not what political correctness might dictate, and he can find passages to support his views. Well, there’s no doubt about it, he believes in the first and second amendments. He mentioned the “Black Robe Regiment” of Revolutionary War times, basically a slew of preachers of various denominations that were activists for revolution. According to him, King G didn’t much care for the inciting to rebellion, and wanted all of them removed – permanently. Two other speakers, one from Susquehanna County, the other from Bradford County, both on the respective Board of Commissioners, reported that the Commissions have enacted resolutions that direct the Sheriff’s departments to not enforce any laws enacted in Congress or state legislature that abridge the Constitution. Interesting times, and most Sheriff’s departments have that discretion, especially if they are elected rather than politically appointed. Our Sheriff will ignore any such direction from the Feds or the State (or so he said.) Cops, state and local, and deputies all over the place, around 300 civs in attendence.
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    Too many are preaching compliance and submission to the state these days.
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