Local WiFi Networks?

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by Dont, Jun 9, 2016.

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    We used a similar Network here, until the advent of 4G Wireless connectivity came to town... I kept a SAT based IP Connection to the Internet, and distributed that to my neighbors, using WIFI, and DSL Wired Modems, running 4000' thru the woods, on Ethernet Cat5 Wires... Worked well, for a number of years..

    I spent yesterday helping the USFS, Setup a 5Ghz, 15 Mile WiFi Link, from here to Hoonah Mtn, that will bring in a BiDirectional 30MB/Sec IP Based Internet Link. They are using my Tower, my Network, and my Power, and I get access to their Bandwidth, when they are not using it. I will do a WriteUp, of the System in the Comms Forum, once we get it up and running, completely.... Including Paths, Signal Levels, and Bandwidths... There is a second 5Ghz Link from here, thru a Mtn-Top Repeater, and then back down to a local Lake, where they have a FISH Weir, to count the Salmon, returning to the Lake/River System. Back in the day they would camp out, at the lake, all summer, and count the fish by hand. Now they plan on using Cameras, and software, to do the counting, and then bringing the Video, and Counts down the 5Ghz Repeated Link to a Server, here, and the use a VPN, to collect the Data from the Server, daily, back to HQ, in Juneau, over the 5Hgz link to Hoonah Mtn... All done with CFR47Part15 Non-Licensed WiFi Devices....
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    BT, what radios did you use? What gain on the dishes? You ever look at mikrotik stuff?
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    Ubiquity Units with "ALL in One" WiFi/Dish Antennas are what they are using....
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