Lone Wolf Conversion Barrel .40 to 9MM

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by <exile>, Sep 22, 2007.

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    For those that would like the opportunity for a little more variety in their TSHTF pistol arsenal consider the Lone Wolf Distributors Glock Conversion barrels. In my case I have a Glock 22 (okay a couple) and wanted the opportunity to fire the cheaper and in some locations more popular 9MM, the $100 Lone Wolf Conversion barrel fit the need nicely. Granted my experience with pistols has only been .40 caliber but it was exciting to put the 9MM barrel on and see shots were grouping closer (12"....jk) and obviously quicker due to the reduced recoil of the 9MM. These are the standard 100 count Target/Range WWB from Wally World but I'll be upping the ante soon with some more powerful 9MM rounds.

    Some of you may be die hard .45 guys, which I understand and respect, but the ability to convert to multiple calibers in a single, durable firearm within a few seconds and at a reasonable price was a big bonus. They do recommend you switch to the Glock 17 magazine as well which I did but I seem to recall some guys doing it with the G22 magazines.

    If you have a Glock 20 (10MM) you can buy the conversion barrels for .40 and/or .357 as well. Too bad they don't make the Glock 21 able to fire .40, 9MM and the standard .45, that would be my ideal range of calibers.
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    Didn't you have to swap ejectors from 40 S&W to 9mm?

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    No, just the barrel and 9MM magazines
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    Have shot around 1.5K rounds through the barrel and the Winchester White Box from Walmart has performed flawlessly. Brought in some older 9MM and some off (super el' cheapo) brands during two range sessions that were running about 0 to 1% failure which is unacceptable. If you stick with the cheap WWB from Walmart you should be fine.

    From some research I've done each pistol can have differing needs but I've run this barrel on two Gen 3s with the same results. I've got a Gen 2 that I need to take with me next time and try out. The customer support people at Lone Wolf were nice and don't hesitate to call them with questions.
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    I've used one of the LW conversion barrels for my G23 for many years now. Never had a problem. I think its a worth wild addition to your gear if you have a .40 model Glock.
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