Longing for Summer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by blogger, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. blogger

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    It's not been a bad winter by New England standards. We haven't had deep snow or sub-zero temperatures but rather, occasional spitting storms and...
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  2. chelloveck

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    That is a nice article, RH. I get the same feelings during the depths of winter....until summer actually arrives, when the heat is so unbearable and the humidity is so uncomfortable, that I'd quite welcome snow and ice (if we had it where I live). Winters are fairly mild here in Sydney, and at times can be quite warm enough to want to swim in the ocean.

    My best times of year are in the Spring and Autumn, when the temperatures are pleasant, and it is much less humid (the fly in the ointment,,,and there is always some fly in life) is that the in between seasons often play merry hell with my sensitivity to hay fever!

    Here is a poem that I wrote some time back about my childhood summers.

    Summer Solstices,

    Meandering alone along the sea shore,
    Feeling the sand grit beneath my feet,
    My mind mines memories of summers afore,
    Searching for a far of childhood to meet,
    Of swimming, and sand castling and, and other such play,
    Trudging home tiredly, after a long sunburnt day,
    Noisy cicadas, and tar burnt feet,
    Sleepless nights, on a coarse prickly sheet,
    Shopping for gifts, with shillings and pence,
    Getting the most, for the least expense,
    Sibling rivalries, and family feuds,
    Messy cooking and exotic foods,
    Christmas presents, stuck with just wet paint,
    Boxing day feasting, ‘till all were near faint,
    Car trips to the beach, or to do some fishing,
    Casting baited lines, with much fish-full wishing,
    Picnics and playgrounds and much more besides,
    Short school holidays, and eternal school terms,
    These are the things, to which my memory returns.

    Cheers from Chello
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  3. ghrit

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    Some days, like today, are just made for listening to oldies, leafing thru photo albums, and smiling at some memories.
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