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    I was in a local wholesale and army surplus store today here in Oklahoma City. A couple of you monkeys know the place (hint right down the road from Cattlemens). Well anyways I was chatting with the guy who owns the place at the check out counter and he told me something interesting. Now to add a little bit of credibility to this guys story let me first say that he has a lot of law enforcement that frequent his store for their supplies and gear. He has over the years befriended many of them. He leaned over the counter and whispered to me at one point in our conversation that one of his customer friends who is with the Department of Homeland Security advised him that he needed to get some supplies and at least 6 months of storable foods and do it very quickly. He refused to let him know anything further. Now I hate to sound like an alarmist but could it be TEOTWAWKI or something else. Well anyways were all family here and I just want you to be prepared!

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    [shtf][shtf][shtf]:Dohno:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:[nothome]Thanks, I think...:eek::eek::shock:
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    Oh man patriot, Didnt you read the signs? The one that says "DONT FEED THE TANGO!"
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    Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. [gone]
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    Uhoh , talking behind my back are ya ???damn pm's!!!![beat][beat][beat][ROFL]
    Do this, don't do that, can't you read the signs??
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    Beautiful..............does anyone know how to cook rat?
  8. ghrit

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    Clean them like squirrel, cut into small pieces free of bone and ligatures, quick fry at high temps in peanut oil with your choice of veggies, season to suit. Just about like stir fry chicken or pork. SMALL chunks, if you please, cook long enough, but not too long. Don't ask.
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    I like to clip off the toe nails first, then boil the rat so you can easily peel the skin and hair. Put a little salt and pepper to taste and you think your eating chicken.
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  11. CBMS

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    Well I do have the plus side of being ing Canada land of the plenty. Where people still live off the land quite easily. The second plus side is that while I do live in Victoria, BC I can easily go farther up north where the prudish city slickers will have no clue as to how to live off the land (its like a little liberal london there)
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    That bear that is passing through my yard is looking pretty yummy right about now, that should get me by for 6 months or so
  13. grooveline

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    i'm freakin out man.
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