Looking at a 308 ???

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by irayone, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. irayone

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    I have a few questions regarding a 308.
    What is the difference between the M1-A National match and super match.

    I also have been looking at a scout and a few others.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Tikka

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    The NM has a medium weight barrel and SM has a heavy barrel, The SM's stock is more rigid than the NM's. There are some differences in lugs also.

    You can order a SM with a Krieger barrel and also a McMillan fiberglass stock which is even more rigid. The SM is overkill for the average shooter. ;)

    As bud shoots them and I asked; so don't ask me anymore. lol
  3. Alpha Dog

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    The Socom is a nice 308 Mil Spec I have a friend that has one and I think it will be my next investment.
  4. -06

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    My old cheap "chicom" shoots a 4" group at 100 yds with peep sight and cheap ammo. Have some "good stuff" loaded for the next trip. Unless you are going to shoot comp and have extral FRNs then a regular M1A will do you wonderfully. 308s are OK---if you can put up with firing such an inferior round---LOL.
  5. Cephus

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    I got an old H&K G3 and been thinking about Socom they're a nice weapon ,but if I need to go longer than that I'll just use the Fifty .
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  6. irayone

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    Inferior round???? Please explain ? Looking for a long range rifle. What do you suggest? What about the AR'S? Perhaps a .338? Just trying to learn about my next purchase?????? I can hit at 400yds but wish to expand my horizons..... dreaming about 1500 yards which is my ultimate goal. But in reality I'll only reach 600....
  7. dgansen

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    Irayone, I think he's calling it "inferior" compared to newer rounds such as the 6.5x47 and the .338. However, .308 ammo and reloading components are EVERYWHERE, and the .308 is still a formidable target round. Look at drop charts for the particular loads you plan on using, and figure out if the optic you're running will have enough elevation adjustment to reach out to your desired range. Then read up on barrel twist rates, bullet weights, and all of the fun ballistics stuff. You'll understand what to look for in a target round, such as when the bullet goes transonic, how long is it stabilized, what bullet weights will work best with what twist rate, etc. These are all things I did when researching for an AR-15 bench rifle. So grab some coffee, head onto google, and git'r'done! Good luck with your search, hope you find something you're happy with!
  8. Falcon15

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    My suggestion for a superior, well built, affordable, American made, solid, 7.62 NATO AKA 308 built on the AR platform is the
    Panther Oracle by DPMS

    YMMV. I own one and it is sweet.
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  9. wags_01

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    Saving my nickels for this bad boy...
  10. Falcon15

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    I'll take a picture tomorrow, of my setup, and post it to motivate you to start saving dimes...
  11. wags_01

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    Well, if they do decide to suspend production of nickels & remove them from circulation, my nickels just might be worth more than dimes!
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  12. Falcon15

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    +1 to you...
  13. Cephus

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  14. -06

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    Jesting about the 7.62X51 (308). I have a few in it but just don't want anyone to know about it--lol. Just gave my son my 700 in 51 so soon will be looking to replace it with something. Newest world's record at 600 yds is about 1/3 inch with a home made wooden stocked 308. My first deer was taken with a Mod 100 Win in 51. I guess my affinity for '06s is mostly for nostalgic reasons. The ballistics of the two are identical till you get way out there. I have a pile of 338 ammo/parts so may have to pick up something to use them in--lol. Any reason you know.
  15. Huntinbull

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    Have you done any research on the 338 federal? Looks like a hammer of a round. Probably not too great for long range, but from 0-350 it should work on anything. Well within my range limit. I have never shot anything but paper and steel past 300, though i do not hunt out west. Northeastern US forest and mountains mostly.
  16. Pyrrhus

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    It took my breath away to read of the .308 being called inferior. I don't even mind the 9mm vs .45 ACP debate, but to hear of the .308 being called inferior? I almost had to stop drinking coffee. Nice to know it was a joke.
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  17. NVBeav

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    It's always good to see a lively discussion on the merits of one caliber over another! Reading on another web site there was one post that mentioned one single word about the .308: logistics. That single word speaks volumes.

    I've recently joined the 308 camp again with an LMT AR10 (after selling off my FAL).
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  18. Prometheus

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    Thinking about a 308 to shoot at long ranges...............great idea, ammo is plentiful recoil is managable and ballistics have been worked out to a science for pretty much every factory load out there. I would suggest a bolt action to help eliminate equipment error and place that on the shooter. I own an FN SPR with a 24 inch fluted barrel topped with a nightforce scope all nestled in a mcmillian a4 stock, I shoot nothing but federal gold metal mach in 175gr sierra matchking bthp. the gun regularly prints -3.75 inches at 5oo yards and on 5 occasions printed sub 10 inches at 1000 yards. keep in mind that shooting at 1000+ yards is a task and requires a great deal of practice I have more tied up in the rifle and optics than I spent on my first two cars combined not to mention more than three case lots of match ammo. 1000+ yard shooting has been greatly underestimated thanks to hollywood and marc wallberg with his god like shooting abilities. loved the movie but when you actually start shooting at distance you begin to really appreciate 1000 yards as a magical number.
  19. wags_01

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    Wait, I thought everyone could make repeated 100+ yard kill shots, from a standing position, in a small boat on open water, with a homemade plastic bottle silencer on an old Cooey 600 .22lr...
  20. Hispeedal2

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    I dig my pair of Armalite AR10s. The gas guns are rivaling the bolt guns these days. Give em' a look.
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