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    TnAndy bought up a very good subect about looking for land to settle on for a off grid lifestyle ..

    when i was looking at land in KY and Tenn and NC and Sc area of the Appalachian mountians area for land that met my personal ideas about what i want in a land for retirement and long term survival after the event ..

    good expouse to sunlight for solar system

    good wind zone for wind turbine

    well water at depth of 200.ft to 300.ft mark

    own septic system on the land so not to be tried into county septic system

    good drainage of the land for the septic system

    farther enought away from a river or lake area that if it did flood it would not flood me out of the land with a spring flood

    easly summers weather not to hot or not to cold with a snow on the ground is ok just not butal temps for months on end ..

    power lines in the area

    small enough town in the area to have the basic items like

    grocery store
    gas station
    local drinner
    plus a few others

    deep enough in the mountains area that it not on a major traffic route of a the socalled tourist type areas in Tenn like DollyWood ..

    also deep enough in the mountains to be shielded from a large city problems if something happened on one side of the mountain or the other .

    good area for deer and other game animals if need to take a deer or wild hog in the area for food

    good area for low county taxs on the land each year

    small lot less than two to 5 arces sized lot with easly access dureing the winter time to road to drive in and out of the areas for work or going to a larger town ..

    small tree lot on the place with a clear arce and half of land in the area for garden area and the solar and wind system to catch a good breeze and sunlight for powering the system as they where need ..

    i found three places that meant this goals of mine but the problem was with building permits for a underground home and one that was going to be saight droped into the hole and not alot of the socalled home inspections to be done on it and it became a nightmare of trying to deal with the county boards on this issuse of a completely bult ready to go underground home ..

    time ran out on me and so i stayed in Az where i had the land allready and it was alot easlyer to set up the things in need to have done with everything that had to be done to get the tank house into the ground ..

    so write down the things that you want and then look at what you can find for the money and go from there with the plans for your ideas about off grid liveing
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    My land in Az was a wedding gift from my aunt who felt that a person should have some type of roots to put down when in the military instead of liveing all over the place and never haveing place to call home when a military wife was asked where is your home after following my uncle around for 30 years as a military wife and give us 40 arces as a wedding gift

    The land in AZ met all the basic things i wanted but at the time i was not really thinking of the place as to retire to instead i wanted some place like in the eastern area of the appalachin mountains area ..but it did work out for the better it seams that i stayed in Az
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