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    Random selection could have made my grand-father the inventor of the jet engine and I could be living on his earned assets in complete luxury. Life would be a series of happy debauchery with little crisis to develop me into the misanthropic hard-ass that I have morphed into. I would have gone to some Ivy-league school and had girl-friends with names like “Buffy” or “Katherine” and my friends would be bankers and stock analysts. We would have live pigeon shooting with Purdie side-by-sides at the <st1:place w:st="on">Island</st1:place> range on long week ends with polite servants providing snacks of cucumber sandwiches with fish eggs and the crusts removed from the fresh-baked bread. My walls would be adorned with trophies of my first African safari, when I was twelve.
    The worst hardships of adolescence would be caps and braces and maybe that one broken arm from my motor-cycle accident. We might tour the ranch in the Beech-craft but the Gulfstream would take us to the villa near El Chorro. I would have little worth as a man but that could be forgiven when the Allman Brothers played at my birthday party. I might father the fourth generation of useless children to follow in my silk-slippered foot-steps. One of my fraternity brothers would get elected president and I might get a cabinet appointment; what better qualifications can you have than immense wealth and breeding? The Bilderburgs would offer me a seat in planning the NWO. My wife would not understand me but actresses and models would fight for the chance.
    Costs would never be an issue, in fact, I would never even consider asking the price and just assume the accountants would take care of it in due time. Wars would be something that I start to manipulate events rather than something that I might get drafted to die in. And I would never know the frustrations of having someone else control the events that shape or change my life. All of the rest would just circle outside my ring of wagons and be given the attention that a cook might give to a fly on a turd in the neighbor’s backyard.
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