Looking for a cheap knife to use in the bush.

Discussion in 'Blades' started by Hex, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Okay, I have no idea if this is the correct place of where I should be posting this, so if I messed up, someone let me know please. Thank you!

    I'm interested in purchasing a knife that is decent at cutting wood and things for my brother's birthday present at a very low budget. I can spend up to 30$ but no more. Working on my cousin's farm doesn't pay much (especially considering my age) but I am willing to pay that. I don't mind if he has to put a little effort in to cut, but his current knife is TERRIBLE. Then again, he found it metal detecting 2+ years ago, so he might be choked up, ha ha. Anyways, if you know of a decent one, feel free to re-direct me if possible.



    Edit: Decided to raise my price dramatically only for the fact that I have a friend in Minnesota who has both the FastHawk and the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion, and has had them for over 2 years, and we would have to share.
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    If you are serious about hacking wood for (whatever) purpose other than splitting firewood, you might be better off with a machete than an EDC knife.
    Cold Steel & Kukri Machetes | Cold Steel Knives Direct

    Or hawk
    Tactical Tomahawks | Cold Steel Knives Direct

    Personally, I'm partial to a 3/4 axe for most purposes short of felling timber. I think you might want to focus a bit more on the use intended.

    You can beat the prices in the Cold Steel links above, easily. Try Amazon as a starter, use the link at the top of the SM main page and you'll help the site a bit as well as saving a dollar or three. Other sources may even be less expensive. You won't go far wrong with Cold Steel, if that is what you decide to buy.
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    I will try and be more clear next time! :D Thank you, I am looking in to this.
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    Condor Knife and Tool Rodan $23

    Amazon.com: Condor Tool and Knife Rodan 5.25-Inch Drop Point Blade, Polypropylene Handle, Leather Belt Sheath: Sports & Outdoors
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    I will review over all of these thoroughly eventually, also my step-brother has the Rodan, so I'll get a better review with that one.
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    Or, you might get a companion piece for his existing knife, and get him a good firesteel to go with it.
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    I have two SOG tomahawks, the full size and the FastHawk. I love both of them. The FastHawk lives in my truck as part of my get home bag. For most situations, if I had to choose between them or a knife I would choose them.

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  8. Hex

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    I was pondering over whether or not I should invest in a Becker at first.

    But then I had a better idea:

    To put all of your ideas and my becker knife into a poll. Whatever one gets the most votes will win (if anyone cares enough to vote).

    My Knife/Hawk/Machete Poll for the poll.
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