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    I want to get a high-quality, preferably a Mil-spec, poncho and liner but there is so much junk out there that I am afraid to order one. For example, on Amazon one guy says it was a 'authentic military liner with a real NSN tag' then the next guy from the same vendor says what he received was a Chinese knock off.

    Does anyone have a good source?
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    At the very real risk of being accused of ducking the question: I just for s&g, did a site search on "poncho" and the number of results is nearly mind boggling. There are a number of specific mfrs mentioned along with some very general commentary. That said, there's nothing too awful recent, but will give you some ideas and places to look.
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    The poncho can be fulfilled easily and most effectively with military surplus.
    Ditto on the poncho liner... or "WOOBIE"... which is NEVER worn under the poncho, but is a "lightweight blanket" that allows you to fashion a light sleeping bag from poncho and liner.

    MANY places to get them.
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    What I was hoping for is someone had recently ordered or had history of ordering from a specific vendor.
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    The Old Grouch's Military Surplus
    Old Grouch's Military Surplus - Don't know if they have ponchos at this particular time. They carry both genuine military surplus and knock offs. But if it's a knock-off, they tell you right up front.
    They're out of Virginia somewhere.
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    Do you mean a rain poncho? If so then I'll have to duck the question too. I mean, it's just a freaking rain poncho. They sell them at sporting goods & camping stores everywhere. How "good quality" does a sheet of plastic with three holes in is have to be?
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    US Mil-Spec ponchos are made better. The stitching is also rip-stop, which prolongs durability. Of course, one might ask what good a ripped poncho will be, and the answer is "good enough until you appropriate another". It is also the niche of waterproof + breathable which makes the mil-spec poncho better than most. Just because a brand is labeled "waterproof and breathable" doesn't mean it truly is, so buyer beware. Most will either wet-out (soak through in heavy rain and not breathe properly, making you sweat more and trap the moisture inside) or it will only have zipper opening zones, which defeats the purpose of it being waterproof. Even the mil-spec poncho will wet-out in very heavy and continuous rain (I learned this on many outings as an infantry soldier, and it was always raining) but it is a trade-off to have breathable material and waterproofing. Have you ever used a standard poncho? They stink really awful, and I can smell the rubber chemical it's comprised of a long way off --some ponchos which smell will fade over time with use. Many of these ponchos will rip or wear easily however, making them disposable items, not long term by any means. Regardless, there are some excellent ponchos out there which are not mil-spec and some that are better in a few ways, in my opinion. The mil-spec poncho is still one of the best items ever designed for field use, but it is by no means "the best" out there if you factor in waterproofing. Many of the "fake" military style ponchos are just as good, and none of these ponchos (US mil-spec included) will be 100% waterproof because they are breathable. Now, if you are looking for just waterproof --the list is very long.

    For example:

    An expensive (and better) poncho liner would be the "woobie" by Kifaru: Woobie

    Get rid of that mildew and odor: Gear Aid MiraZyme Odor Eliminator

    A trade-off would be to buy a non mil-spec variety poncho. This one is probably just as good: Amazon.com: Men's US Waterproof Ripstop Hooded Nylon Festival Poncho in Olive Green: Sports & Outdoors And another which seems decent as well: Amazon.com: Helikon Waterproof Poncho Ripstop Camogrom: Sports & Outdoors

    If you don't want to take a chance, go to a local ARMY/NAVY surplus and get one there. Nothing beats hands-on purchasing. Be careful, even some of these places will carry the Chinese copies (even though some of these are just as good).

    Also search for "Marine Corp ILBE tarp" (it's not as ubiquitous as the Army Mil poncho but every bit as good and the same)
    The Dutch Army and German Army ponchos are along the same standards, too so don't count them out. The hard part may be getting one in decent shape. Even harder to find are the British and Australian military ponchos, but they are also in the same boat, but a little larger.

    If you are looking for WATERPROOF and DURABILITY, go with GoreTex. It's a bit more costly, and doesn't offer the same breathable material as the Mil-Spec variety, however.

    If you only want a TARP, then buy a tarp.
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    Heck, Just get a 55USG Black Garbage Bag, and cut a Hole in the Bottom for your head, and a Hole in each side for your Arms, and your done.... Can be a One Time use, or can be reused... You can buy a whole Roll of them for $5US.....
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    Thanks all! This is exactly the type of stuff I was looking for. Apparently, mine grew legs and walk away... :)
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    I have personally found 2 commercial brands of poncho that out last the Mil Spec by quite a bit. Helly Hanson, and Charhart both make excellent long lasting poncho's. For "woobie's" I find them from time to time at Good Will, course I have several Military bases surrounding me, and that helps. I have heard that the Dutch Harbor brand are supposed to be really good too, but I have not tried them out yet!
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  13. chimo

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    Personally, I use this poncho: Amazon.com: Men's US Waterproof Ripstop Hooded Nylon Festival Poncho in Olive Green: Sports & Outdoors

    Over all these years I can't remember ever using a woobie for its intended purpose as a poncho liner, so while I do have some woobies lying around in my vehicles, I have this in my get-home bag: Amazon.com: Snugpak Jungle Blanket, Olive: Sports & Outdoors
    It's warmer, more water resistant and packs smaller than a woobie.
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  15. Bandit99

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    DR Yes, I was looking at those also but if you notice some of the more recent reviews (on the liner) that folks have been getting the cheap Chinese knock-off instead.

    @chimo I am going to try that 'Jungle Blanket' as one of my complaints with the woobie is that is does not compress very well and your right, I have also never used it specifically as a liner, never. I'm ordering it today.

    @Altoidfishfins That is one hell'va poncho! And, that is how it should be designed and built. Expensive but the video was a no nonsense reasoning why it costs more, gave good reasons. Yeah, expensive, but, I am going to get one anyway...and probably one for the wife after I check it out a while and it proves itself. I especially like the heavy grommets and the sewed nylon seam. Thanks!
    EDIT: Rethinking this...as I can get almost 3 ponchos for the price of this one and...it's not like I am in the field, deployed, on maneuvers, exercises etc. Most the time it will sit in the truck so...haven't totally ruled it out but rethinking as it is a very nice piece of gear.
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    This thread’s over a year old, but I’ll reenergize if possible.
    I responded to another older thread regarding the Kifaru Woobie. There’s another maker out there called Group1Equipment, and their products are just awesome. I’ve used their stuff for over a year now and it’s risen to the top of my go-to pile of equipment. Their G1Liner is super warm, highly durable, and comes in any color you could ever need. I think they even have other colors not listed on their website. Welcome
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    I have a USGI poncho given to me by a SEAL buddy, a bunch of USGI woobies purchased from a government surplus office that I no longer have access to (bummer!).

    If I had to carry a poncho, I prefer my old Golite poncho. Too bad they don’t make them any more. Tough and super light weight. And I prefer my Kifaru woobie to the USGI ones.

    Even splurged a few years back on a Jerven.

    But the Golite is soooo easy to carry. That and a Grand Trunk Nano hammock and you are in business for under a pound total!
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    I checked out their website. Group1 is one of those companies people like to patronize.
    That is what Group One Equipment is, We are a Veteran owned small business our products are made in the USA with American materials making all our G1 equipment Berry Amendment Compliant.
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