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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Proudcops Wife, Jan 16, 2009.

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    My husband, who is a police officer in Mississippi, had two of his weapons stolen out of my truck that was parked infront of our home, two nights before our annivesary. One that I purchased for him, AR-15 on M-4 platform with light rail and red dot targeting, and a 1911 springfield .45. I don't remember the make of the AR-15, this is the one I am wanting to replace. Anyone who knows someone or has a good deal on an AR-15 on a M-4 platform with a removable carry handle please let me know. He is the only one working right now and if you have every been or known a cop you know the pay ain't the best.

    Thanks for the help.
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    pictures are worth a thousand words. do you have any pictures of the guns??? have you been checking the pawn shops within 100 miles of your area?
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    Go through your local dealer (or find one you trust somewhere) and order something you think is appropriate. You can usually have the dealer order and get the one you want within a couple weeks; my acquaintences recommended both the Sig556 and Smith&Wesson M&P 15T, but there are many other well-made rifles.

    You'll have to pay a little more these days. You might want to start putting away spare 30-rd magazines too. Hope you can recover the stolen property and get around this mess -- people have been seeing this coming for a couple years and many now regret not preparing beforehand.
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    I am assuming that you bought these weapons for him, just prior to them being stolen? This is quite obvious, you know...there aren't too many people going around searching cars at night. I also assume that you HID them inside the truck, possibly behind the seat or on the floor? Somebody who knows you or actually WATCHED you place those weapons in the truck most likely stole them.


    All of the 5.56mm AR/M4 variety rifles are too expensive, even for my own liking, which isn't much considering I have to use the M4 daily when I would MUCH rather be carrying an AK variant. With the Obamana scare going on, and every dealer out scrambling to maximize profits (thus hiking up the prices on everything), I doubt you can even find a decent M4 type without paying through the roof...

    What really sucks, is that you had a 1911 stolen, too. [taser1]
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