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    I have been strongly advised to recruit critics for a critical group and not put so much online for free. Basically, I need people who are willing to read samples of ongoing work and point out any and all problems; everything from spelling to plot points. This may also include some brainstorming. In return, I can offer free copies of the final work (including printed copies of anything that gets published) and cameos. I’d offer signed copies, but that might prove difficult to do immediately as I am still in KK. I can still do it, but there will be delays.

    I have a few critics lined up, but I need a few more.

    I’m going to use a private forum where I can post chapters and critics can comment. If you’re interested, please drop me an email at (take out SPAMPROOF).

    For what it’s worth, the following book will be the next Empire’s Corps, followed by OCP3.

    Thanks very much

    Christopher Nuttall
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    Are these young adult books? I am not a sci-fi person so if you write that I can't help. I will check you page.
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    Chris has been posting here on SM for a number of years: Survival Reading Room

    Chris, How about we set up a private forum here where only people you've approved can read (and comment) on your new stuff? Being Private, it would not show up in Google or be able to be casually read by anyone other than who you OK first.
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    Thanks Melbo for the reading room link. I went to the site and was semi-lost.
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    I have a forum already, but thanks for the offer. <grin>

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