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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Rayne, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. Snake_Doctor

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    I wrote my first story in second grade. It was around Halloween, and it was a horror story with a cliffhanger ending. Most kids did a paragraph or two, the teachers pet did a whole page. I did four and a half pages. Then we had to rewrite, which I hate to this day.
  2. Snake_Doctor

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    Mine was degraded from the start. I can't even read most of my old hand written manuscripts.
  3. BTPost

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    Just "a couple of hour, this weekend" Dude, This is a lifetime commitment your looking at, or you will be just another SHEEPLE ...
  4. Snake_Doctor

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    Try actually checking the books out and taking them home with you. BT is right, if you're a real survival affucuanado you never stop seeking new knowledge. Weekend survivalists don't fare too well in real life do or die survival situations. They have just enough knowledge to be over confident, then the wilderness kills them. That would be like someone taking a self defense class then trying to kick my ass. We're not being mean, we're being honest. If you don't want to commit then make an altoids survival kit and carry it. At least it'll five you fire, signaling, etc. It's better than nothing.
  5. Gopherman

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    That's the truth even in the best bug out scenario, growing food sucks!! It takes a long time and insects love vegetables too.
    I've been growing stuff for the last year and it's harder than people think.
    You can't just put it in the ground and wait, really hot days are as devastating to crops as Cold ones.
    Get a job and start saving your money! For around 25k you can get some acreage, where you buy will determine what you get,.
    Make sure when you buy, there is some sort of water on it, preferably a well, or spring, at least a creek.
    people's opinion on how much time is left to get ready varies depending on who you talk to, freeze dried food is always good to have, but a lack of water will kill you in a couple days!! UV light purifiers are awesome if you have a solar charger for batteries.
    The good thing is, Your in the right place to figure this out!!!
  6. Rayne

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    I wish I had more time to be able to go to the library and read material that actually interested me but alas, I am unfortunately consumed by the burden's school. But hopefully, I can clear time up with breaks and all around the corner. Then I will be able to buckle down and do some serious reading and experiencing.
  7. Snake_Doctor

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    I hear you. But I'm sure you have parents. When I was around your age (15) I had my own place, worked in a grocery store, danced (stripper), studied and taught martial arts, trained and still managed to get some time to hunt and fish. You don't have to support yourself, rent utilities, food, clothing etc, I'm assuming. That gives you a huge advantage I didn't have. I managed to learn self sufficiency and you can as well.
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