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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Darwin, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Darwin

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    I was hoping someone might have a copy of the Burger Load Data book. I am looking for loads on 168 grain VLD Hunters and 168 grain OTM Tactical in 308.. As of now I am under 1/2 inch @ 100 and well under MOA at 300 My current load is 43.5 Gr of H4895 but It is impossible to find and I need to work up alternative loads if I run out of 4895. Thanks
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  3. BTPost

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    Just bought 8# of IMR 4895, that is shipping to my Son's place in Utah. The specific Loading for ANY one Projectile, will also be VERY specific to the Barrel it is being fired from. Sounds like you are close to knowing the "Sweet Spot" for your Barrel. Your next move should be deciding which alternate Powders you will be stocking, and then get a pound of each, and do a similar workup, using one of the Standard Lyman, or Hornady Loading Book Data to help make the conversions from the 4895 Loadings. I am in the process of doing Exactly that, for my DPMS AR10 with a 24" Stainless Bull Barrel. I have a reasonable Group @100 Yds, using some OLD Custom .308 I loaded 3 decades ago. Last Fall, I loaded up 50 rounds of New Stuff. 10 Groups of 5 rounds Each, with a .25 Grain difference between each Group, Starting about 1% under the OLD .308 Loading. Once the Snow clears off this spring, I will use those to find the actual "Sweet Spot" for this Barrel. Then workup the loadings, using that information, for the High Accuracy Ammunition I need to make this a True 1000Yd Weapon. I still have a 2# of IMR 4895 in the Magazine, and when the first Barge Sails from Seattle, in MAY, I will have my Son, ship that 8#s up to Seattle, so it can make that first Sailing. I hope to have all that Loading Research done by then, and then I will confirm, what I think I know, and then make a run of 1000 rounds for my Stockpile.
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  4. ghrit

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    Further good info might be found at the HandloadersBench, accessed from the main SM forum page.
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  5. Silversnake

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    Military 7.62 sniper ammo is loaded with 4064, which is still available
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  6. Darwin

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    The lyman book I have doesn't take into account the BC the burger pills have H4895 was not lymans best load but it sure is for the 168 OTM burger. Load data for buger is vary difficult to find anywhere online. As of now I know I am sub sub MOA with h4895 and MOA with VV550 (again hard to find here) Last time out @950 Yards I was 7"-12" in good conditions. I want to shrink that group more.
    The burger load manual is back ordered around here. I would like to find 2-3 powders that will give me Sub 3/4" or better @ 100 so I can order 10 lbs at a time. My main rifle is a Tikka T3 Tactical .308, 23 3/4 1-11" twist.
    Back up is a Rem 700 VSSF in 308
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  7. BTPost

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    Just went to the IMR Website, and looked at the .308 Data for 168 Grain BT Projectiles, using both IMR 4064, and IMR 4985.
    Looks like Starting Loads run just over 40 Grains, and Max Loadings are right at 45 Grains. Just about what I have been using for 4 decades, in my IMR 4985 Loads. That will make 50 round runs of 10 groups, of 5 shots each, with .5 Grain Powder bumps between Groups, feasible for IMR 4064. Looks like my Backup Powder will be IMR 4064. Going to have the kid buy me an 8# Jug to send along, with the Jug, that is already on the way to him. Back in the day, I had an "In" with the IMR Chemists, and I wish I still knew those Boys, NOW. I got a lot of Great Info from them, on IMR 4985, when I was a Custom OEM Ammunition MFG. Sure would like to know a LOT more, about the actual Chemistry of IMR 4064. Dang, where have the years gone....
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  8. Darwin

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    Thanks for the info All. I will keep trying to find burger specific load data since buying powder to try at $40 lbs to try isn't in the budget
  9. Dunerunner

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  10. Darwin

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    Thanks ordering one in morning.
  11. BTPost

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    Yea, saw that on their WebSite....
  12. Darwin

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    Got loads with the IMR Laddered up and the new weapon scoped, Only mistake I made was cleaning copper foul completely out Of this Rem 700 but I have 30 rounds at the 100 yard range and hope to have it tighten up in the next 20. Cold bore clean was MOA @ 100 wich tightened to 5/8 within 25 pills so happy about that. My tikka same thing only now @ 100 its .35-.47 I tightened with 20 pills whoot whoot. Biggest problem I face now is my old spot for long range set up has logging going on so searching for a 1200 yard North to south + / - 3 deg elevation to get data. Not as easy as I thought hahaha


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