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    Ok folks, this will age me a bit (well, a lot). I remember reading in one of the "men's" magazines (I think Penthouse) an article about the survival movement in the Rogue River, Oregon, area. IIRC, Mel Tappan was interviewed in this article. Had a very detailed description of the security used while taking the author in to the area for the interview. Anyone old enough to remember this article?

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    Well I am that old, and at one time worked as a librarian. I am not sure whether or not Penthouse magazine is included in this reference source, but you can go to your local library. There is a book put out annually called, "the readers guide to periodical literature". you could search it under "Mel Tappen", and you will find listed articles by him. The problem is when. You have to have a aproximate year.
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  4. I joined this group mainly to answer this question. I might also post elsewhere if I get time.
    And yes, I do remember that article about Tappan and his survivalist community. I think it was in the Jan. or March 1981 edition of that magazine. I do have a copy of it somewhere.

    But here is the whole article in several posts here if any are interested. >

    The Article that helped me become a survivalist - Tappan, Rogue River, O - Survivalist Forum
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    Thanks for the link. Interesting reading.

    Meadow Creek Castle - SurvivalRealty.com

    This link might interest you and/or the people @survivalistboards.com assuming you also post there. I am not registered over there or I'd drop the link in the thread.

    Wonder who the former owners of this particular Rouge River retreat might have been. Be interesting to know!

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    I love this part...
    That is us. Right here, right now.
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    That was written in the '80's too. just think about how much more trouble we are in now.
  8. I will probably drop the link in that thread. Although it is easy to register there. It is a huge board with many sections although most of the posts are for fun, just nonsense and not even survival related.
    Very few even look at this true article about Tappan and I doubt most even remember or know who he was.

    Nancy Tappan is still alive and probably still owns the ranch / retreat. A link about her > Nancy Tappan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And I really like towards the end of the article which says:

    "Every day the news seemed to confirm the survivalists' scenario: auto plants closed, hostile middle-class people in New Orleans on food stamps, credit card companies cracking the whip."

    That sound a great deal similar to today's news over the past five years anyway. But that article about Tappan was written in late 1980, just after he died.
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    Thanks to all of you! My internet access is severely limited as to use and sites, I have not forgotten you. I will return!
  10. Someone in another group, said they would convert the Tappan article into a pdf file but they did not. Maybe someday.

    I do have it in 4 pdf files which I think are corrupted for I could not just clip and paste from those files or even convert them. But I and one other person had to Type out all of the very long article.

    I should post it in several forums which maybe some might like it.

    Here is the link though which the survivalistboards was having some problems like they do sometimes and people cannot connect. But more than 90% of the time it works well. So I Hope you can read the article here >> The Article that helped me become a survivalist - Tappan, Rogue River, O - Survivalist Forum

    It is also in this section if you need another place ( an Uncensored version ) to view the article > The Article that helped me become a survivalist - Tappan etc. ( Easier to read)

    Maybe you will also check out the www.survivalhq.info and see other good posts and pic threads especially in the online bunker.

    But I hope you will be able to look at the above links and even read the Tappan article. I have read it several times and I get more out of it every time I read it.
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