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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hex, Oct 12, 2013.

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    Okay. So I've done various searches today on the internet regarding survival schools. I already have a decent amount of knowledge- SAS survival guides, experimenting... the works. But I'd really like to improve my knowledge even further, because if I can use it right and I have the will to live, I believe that can improve my living time if it all goes downhill.

    I've only found one survival school in Quebec (where I currently reside) but the prices are horrendous (1k for 4 days? I'll pass.) and they only speak in French (I know french but I prefer english). I'm actually quite poor in a sense which is why I light the fires for house heating in the winter.

    I know this might seem weird, considering I could've kept searching but as far as I know you guys are the masters at finding stuff online. I mean, the Antibacterial Bandages thing was genius, I wouldn't of found it. Or maybe I just stink at it! [LMAO]

    Anyways, if you can find one that meets my needs (bushcraft skills, lower prices if you can) I will be very thankful. :]
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