Looking for work from home - any help would be insanely helpful.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Joe13, Aug 11, 2016.

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    Hey y'all,

    Well, for the next couple of months I'm laid up with torn up cartilage in my knee so I am not very moble.

    I can do computer work or anything sitting as long as I don't have to carry more then I can hold in one hand (on a cane if I'm careful and keep it elevated and iced but on crutches if I push it too hard).

    I'll even take minimum wage jobs at this point to be able to at least make some money, but standing for more then 10-20 min is not an option.

    I'm seeing the surgeon tomorrow Fri the 12th and will have a little better idea of how long this whole thing will take but 3-4 months is most likely.

    As for my skill sets, I can do almost anything with a computer - not hacker level but well above the average bear.

    Telemarketing would be difficult because I am not a big talker, even though it may appear that way online. It's not completely off the table though as it seems there are more then a few sketchy jobs out there for that but they also seem to want 1-2 years of marketing experience and my background is in low voltage electrical and troubleshooting high end systems.

    Uber is not an option because of a reoccurring passenger air bag light.

    Been a home dad for 6 years but have volunteer work I do every year running an international video editing contest for a large convention. So Up until the knee injury happened, it's not been a case of lazy bum on the couch syndrome.

    Thanks, for any help if you see or hear of anything.
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    Thank-You, very much for that link. It is actually right in my specialty skill set range so I would think I could pass the screening process. I've converted to mostly Macs and its a seasonal job @$10.25/hr now but work is work!

    Much appreciated sir!

    Was getting a bit excited at the possibility, even at a low wage, but then got into the hardware requirements and at the top in bold letters is says No Macs - not even partitioned, parallels or virtual box.

    All my PC's are too outdated for their minimum requirements and I'm not in a position to get set up for the job and not get it.

    It was a great idea and link and I still appreciate the thought!
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    No offense man....but if the reason I couldn't apply for a "work from home" job was that "i don't have windows..." I'd consider getting a dual boot setup or faking it.
    I'm spoiled..but i earned it 10 years in office. Corp provides PC, 2x monitors and 150mb down.15mb up free internet connection.

    Good luck.
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    I was the guy on the other end of the phone here and there. I was a cell tech for a decade and fully trained for switch work and making very close to 6 figures doing it until my job got outsourced to outfits like this. I know my way around the junk they want fixed like the way to the bathroom at night.

    It specifically says no macs in no way running Windows. For $10/hr why apply for a job I don't have the required equipment for??

    I appreciate the help and suggestions and don't mean any offense.

    If I can get some guns, ammo or tools sold in a hurry I might try and get some used stuff off CL but it is also seasonal so I'm not 100% sure what they are reffering too.

    Any openings where you work? I probably have the qualifications for it.:rolleyes:

    EDIT: Living in WA or OR disqualified me for the job when I applied. Had just found a $125 setup that was more then enough for the job - PC's have gotten cheap.
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    Quite a few actually but work from home is not entry level.
    Plus I'm not sure i want any 'murica migrants coming up here to my Canadian paradise...
    Ya'll are uncivilized and culturally incompatible with peaceful Canuck culture.

    On a more serious note....i'll get outsourced eventually if the company i work for ever get sold....and i'm woefully unprepared.
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    Lady with internet trouble: "Hello? My internet is the broken... I think."

    Me: "Yeah, let me check the trans-phase coupler on the quantum drive. Yes, your thermal paste most likely dried on the warp coil and the system needs a reboot. One second..."

    Lady with internet trouble: "Nope. Still broken."

    Me: "Did you plug in your computer and your router and check to see they have power?"

    Lady with internet trouble: "That did it. You're amazing!"

    I would KICK ASS at that job. Like, totally. (y)
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  10. Joe13

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    It was much appreciated and a great possibility.

    I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask and didn't expect any responses but MG pointed me in a great direction!
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    You would actually....for a year or so until the corporate environment made you crazy.
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    Alternately - when i was between jobs for a bit I did some yard saleing and reselling stuff on ebay....today i'd do craigslist....i was also selling MMORPG items on ebay till I got banned. (3200+ sales)
    Daily income if you need it bad enough and work hard at it.
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    A vey good friend does the resale thing to supliment his living and has since before it was much of a thing.

    He's very good at it but says the last few years there are a lot more people doing it and it's a bit harder to get the great deals but they are still out there if your in the right place at the right time.

    Again though, unfortunately my investment funds are nil, as in every penny I earn from selling my personal items like tools and whatnot goes towards food and gas right now (even though I wasn't planning to return to work, I thought I had a few jobs nailed and about to start working but my knee says otherwise uhg). Yup, this place and another is about what I can afford for entertainment and sanity.

    It appears I'll be in on the op table in the next 14 days so I may be mobile in less then the 3-4 months I thought.

    It probably seems like I'm a massive flake or something but I've stretched the money from a 6 month severance package out 6.5 years using every trick I could think of and liquidated a massive (almost all) amount of my preps and savings, so this is my SHTF right now. Rock and a hard spot situation embarrassing as it is.

    I'm not willing to sell my inherited guns (3 generations worth but very few guns total and they wouldn't fetch enough to ease my guilt at all) I'll sell a kidney first, although I don't have that option as one is already damaged from a childhood accident, I've heard too many people that have done that (sell inherited guns not a kidney lol) state the large amount of regret they have after things get better for them financially.

    Just need to be in the right place at the right time and have the skills they want and I'm sure I'll land a job sooner or later. A 2 income family will be a first for us so it shouldn't take too long to settle up on my debts and be back in the buying and saving mode again.

    I'm always game for ideas as I'm having a hard time thinking outside the box right now between the knee pain and the stress so thanks to everyone that has tossed one into the hat on the ground.

    Y'all are good people.
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