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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Bwood1990, Sep 26, 2015.

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    Hey guys! I live in Texas at the moment... I hate it! Looking to move somewhere like Kentucky or Tennessee within the next year or two. My husband and I have been long time off the grid dreamers. I don't want to wait ten years to raise enough money to buy property so I was wondering if there was anyone out there that would be interested in starting a small group 2 or 3 singles or couples, doesn't matter, and get owner financing for a piece of land. Split the cost of the monthly payments that way everyone can do odd jobs to get enough monthly. If you are interested in something like this please get in touch with me! As I said we are looking towards a year MAYBE two to save up a little bit, shop around for property and start hoarding stuff we might need. I would love to get to know anyone interested and start a friendship. My husband and I are not preppers so don't expect us to have years worth of food and supplies already. If you are that is fine by me just saying don't expect too much. My biggest reason for seeking out this lifestyle is to work to survive instead of work to fill my gas tank!
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    There are other folks on SM that have tried to collect like minded people together for ventures that you seek. No idea how well they worked out, but you can search thru the site, find them, and try contacting them. In the meantime, feel free to read and learn or teach others here.

    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome to the Monkey @Bwood1990. So you want to leave TX and move slightly NE. May I ask why KY & TN? Nice places but just wondering. They have nice climates but do get winter. Since you are from TX, I am wondering if you have lived in a climate that could have harsh weather.

    Anyways, glad you joined.
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  4. Bwood1990

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    It's more about having seasons. Texas is just blazing hot for spring summer and autum and only freezes in January. I've lived in Tennessee before. It was only for two years but I much prefer adding clothing to sweating naked :p
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    You see, that is where we very much differ. ;)

    Welcome to the forum. Good luck on your potential move.
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  6. Bwood1990

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    I see what you did there!
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  7. Yard Dart

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  8. GOG

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    Welcome here, I wish you well.
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  9. Sapper John

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  11. Hanzo

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    E komo mai! And good luck. Hawaii is not quite as hot as Texas.
  12. Dont

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    Welcome to our Monkey Tree, @Bwood1990 .. Hope you find this a pleasant place to hang out in..
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  13. CATO

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    I would concur with @Motomom34 and wonder why KY or TN.

    Here's one thing to consider: If there was ever a catastrophic issue in that neck of the woods (e.g., earthquake--remember Fukushima?, EMP) that affected any of the nuclear reactors in the area, your chances of survival are much less than where you are currently. Which way does the wind blow?

    Additionally, KY and TN are much more densely populated than other areas closer to you. Learn about the 'golden horde.'

    My best advice would be take the romantic visions of being off-grid out of the picture and inject a little bit of reality back into the equation: define the purpose for the move; create a pro/con list for that area; then see if it meets up with the original purpose.

    Off-grid living is just that: you don't have to be at a certain location to live off-grid. People live off-grid throughout the whole country. So, there must be a non-pragmatic (i.e., romantic) reason you have picked TN or KY. Try picking apart the "why" and you can usually come to better decisions (at least that's how I approach things).

    If your purpose is love of bluegrass music, I fully support your decision. [winkthumb]

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  14. Bwood1990

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    Well 1. I'm not dead set on KT or TN it was only a suggestion to get a little more specific in my post on the area I would like to go.
    2. I'm not an end of the world nut and I'm not worried about nuclear explosions.
    3i don't have any romantic fantasies about going off the grid. My husband and I have thought about it for years. We both have worked towards perfecting skill sets we may or may not need. I'm not looking to go into the bush. As I said before we will probably have to get odd jobs to pay for the property so we have to around people.
  15. Bwood1990

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    I came on this website to just ask a question... I'm not sure why I'm being picked apart. This is what I would like to do if you aren't interested then leave it be. I'm not sure what's so hard about that...
  16. Yard Dart

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    Hi Bwood, I don't think that there was any picking on your idea....we all support the idea of the off grid lifestyle.
    They were just trying to provide additional information, to consider in your quest to find that new home you desire.
    Again, welcome to the Monkey and good luck. :)
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  17. Motomom34

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    Hello @Bwood1990, I asked my question originally because I am a nosy female. Plus I have seen numerous people move from one climate into something different and after one harsh winter, throw in the towel. Since you have experienced the seasons that it will be of no shock. Some have different visions as to where this world will go and what could happen in the future.

    @CATO does raise some good points. But I like you am looking at relocating into an area that many would be looking to get out of in case SHTF. The East is more densely populated but on the other hand it is cold (NE) so many of the hoard would head South if society ever collapsed. IMO gangbangers and the give me crowd is not going to want to deal with wood and heating, they IMO would be traveling South for the ease of surviving a winter. Does that make sense?

    Since you have been in TN then you know that the forest/plant life has much to offer. Water is more plentiful then TX. When looking to live a more independent living these are things I consider. IMO gardening/the growing season would be easier in TN then TX.
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  18. BlueDuck

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    Thicker skin will help you, wherever you go.
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  19. Legion489

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    OK, if you want to move to some place, go for it! But instead of buying, how about renting and see if you like the area after a year or two. If you don't like the neighbors (we been hunting here for 50 years and don't care if you bought or not, we are going to do what we want on it!), the political climate (locally we are getting a pipeline shoved through the farm land and they want the courts to force everyone to sell. Plus the corrupt politicos, cops and courts found everywhere might not like "outsiders"), job market, or whatever. If you rent you can always pull up stakes and move. I've been through KY & TN and they are nice, but I personally wouldn't want to live there, but then people who lived here moved to TX and love the heat, so whatever floats your boat is fine with me! Personally I would look to ID/WY/Montana. Land is (reasonably) cheap, people are (reasonably) friendly and you WILL want some place with no zoning! The freer the area/state the better off you will be. Research the area you want, get the local papers to see what it is like and be careful.
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  20. Bwood1990

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    Lol thanks! I can't imagine moving from somewhere else to Texas and liking the heat :p We've talked about renting We just didn't want to have to work to pay monthly payments so either way it's going to take a while to save up a nice chunk of money. I hadn't settled on anywhere in particular those were just the places I was leaning towards.
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