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Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by TXKajun, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Today was "farming" day. :p

    I went out to see about getting the parts to put together another set of grow lights, but after pricing them out and then comparing online prices for ready-made ones, I decided maybe I could get by with the one 4' that I have. We moved a couch out of our "manly room" and moved in a 6' X 2' table with a nice wooden shelf for a top. I moved my 4' light over to the table from the shelf it's been on for a year, moved over the 5 plants that are wintering inside and got a bunch of seeds planted. Green onions, parsley, oregano, eggplant, tobacco and several other things, all in one of those multi-planter mini tray thingies with plastic covers. I've got their tray up on old unused pots so they get up close to the light which is raised because 2 of the plants I'm wintering are tall (ghost peppers that'll be 2 years old this year. Maybe I'll actually get some peppers from them this year! LOL)

    Anywho, last year I started my seeds too late and it got real hot before I got some of them transplanted. This year, I figure if I'm too early, I can keep them inside till the time is right, which is about mid April here.

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    Hope you have a good season! I got my first seed order mailed off last Wednesday, that's all that's going on right now, won't start planting anything until March, and then only indoor starts. Well peas and salad greens can go in the ground then too, they don't mind the cold.
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    Ghost peppers (bhut jolokia) wow! You like your food on fire.
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    I hope to get my taters planted on St Patty's day in hopes of a decent crop of spuds. Least thats when one person told me to plant them. taters the one thing I can't seem to grow an abundance of. Last year I got about as much back as I had planted. Hope to do better this year.
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    I broke down 2 weeks ago and built another grow light setup. Got the parts from local Lowes, took about 30 minutes to put together and set up. Broccoli and cabbage starter plants are under that one. I started moving my ghost pepper plants outside during the day and have the first grow lamp low so it's about 1" above the starter tray. The green onions in the starter tray got to be ~5" tall, so I transplanted them outside last weekend. Still have dill, parsley, oregano and tobacco in the starter tray. The dill is about ready for a larger pot. Tobacco still isn't showing any sign of life. :(

    Things are getting way too warm here way too early. I also pruned my fruit trees waaaayyy back 2 weekends ago. They were already trying to have little buds on them. Yikes!

    Maybe an early spring here? No more freezes? Nah! LOL

    As for the ghost peppers and liking things hot, I plan to put 1 pepper in a pint of vinegar, one pepper in a quart of vinegar and see what they do as far as spicing up the vineger. I love pepper sauce in my gumbo! LOL

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