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    12 x 36 IS III Binoculars
    SKU: 9526B002 $849.99
    Estimated Ship Date: 07/31/15

    Adventure Is in Sight
    For versatile, image-stabilized operation and clear and bright 12x images look no further than Canon's 12x36 IS III. Whether in the hands of a hunter scouting a target, a birdwatcher looking for their favorite finch or a sports fan watching the batter swing, these binoculars offer outstanding image quality, speedy operation and an elegant, compact design. With 12x magnification and bright 36mm/1.42 in. objective lenses, the 12x36 IS III are engineered to perform beautifully both indoors and out. Canon's improved Image Stabilization (IS) technology helps deliver smooth, extended viewing without the need for a tripod, and Canon optics help provide bright, sharp and colorful, virtually distortion-free viewing. With extended use in mind, these binoculars feature long eye relief for comfortable use even when wearing glasses. No matter the user, no matter the situation, Canon's 12x36 IS III are a premium combination of high magnification optics and a surprisingly portable package.
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    [OO] Of course there will be a field test report.

    Right ? [tongue]
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    Too rich for my blood unless it does dishes....
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    Me, too. Looks like an expensive alternative to a pair of 10X50s and a tripod. (But still cheaper than a live in dishwasher.)
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    I run both ways on this. They are pricey, but if they are all they're cracked up to be, then it could be worth it to some one who doesn't have a quality set of binos. Personally I think everyone should have at least one pair of high quality Binoculars. My go to pair are armored Steiner Safari 12x40's with a Crooked Horn Outfitters Slide and Flex Bino System strap. The binoculars are light (for a large pair of binos) clear and sharp no matter the weather or altitude and have a lifetime repair/replacement policy. This strap system, when adjusted properly keeps the Binoculars from bouncing against my chest when walking/jogging /bending over and provide resistance against my hands/arms when holding the binoculars up for viewing. The result is that the binos don't "wobble" much when viewing for longer periods of time. I highly recommend checking into these straps. On the other end of the scale are the Bushnell 10x25 mini Binoculars that I bought at Sportsman's Warehouse for 14 bux apiece. I have a pair of these in every truck, RV, ATV, pack, BOB and cache we have. They work very well for cheapos, fit almost anywhere so now I have no excuse for not having a pair of binoculars always at hand;)

    My [2c]
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    Quality Binos are a pleasure to use and a fact of need of operation for me.

    Land's End had a major sell many years ago and I was in the market, so I purchased the Carl Zeiss 7x50B Mariner Armored Binoculars. Later I also popped for a Bino Strap System and when needed they make the Binos more useful. Sometimes you just need to watch that shadow and see what it turns into.

    Zeiss 7x50 B/GA T* Classic Binoculars - 525505 Product Info
    Zeiss 7x50 B/GA T* ClassiC Binoculars 525505 features high-eyepoint eyepieces, fully multicoated optics, and can be folded down to a mini-format. Zeiss 7 x 50 mm Binocular by Zeiss Binoculars ClassiC Series is multi-purpose Binocular. Zeiss 7x50 BGA Classic Binocular is lightweight, compact and fold easily into your handbag or jacket pocket.
    Zeiss 7x50 BGAT Dialyt Classic Binoculars are porro prism Binoculars that has long been regarded as a traditional favorite among mariners and watersports enthusiasts. Even in heavy seas, the sight picture is easy to find and hold, because the exit pupil of Zeiss 7 x 50 BGA Binoculars is quite generous. Zeiss 7x50mm Binoculars B GA T* Classic are waterproof, of course, and built for rugged use. Each optical channel focuses independently.

    Despite their size Zeiss 7x50 B/GA T* I.F. ClassiC Binoculars have incomparable precision engineering, internal focusing, sturdy construction and outstanding optics, giving unrestricted viewing with or without spectacles. Zeiss ClassiC Binoculars are ideal for the observation of nature, whether for use in hobby pursuits or by naturalist/scientist professionals.

    Specifications for Zeiss 7x50B/GA T* Binoculars:

    Magnification: 7x
    Objective diameter: 50 mm
    Field of view at 1,000 yds: 390'
    Infinite Adjustment Range: 21.3'
    Diopter Compensation: +/-6 dpt
    Twilight performance: 18.71
    Exit pupil: 7.14 mm
    Relative Geometric Brightness: 51.02
    Interpupillary distance (from - to): 53-78 mm
    Height: 5.7"
    Width (PD 65): 8.5"
    Weight: 42.3 oz.
    Features of Zeiss 7x50 BGAT Binoculars (ClassiC Series):

    • Waterproof
    • Extremely sturdy design
    • Each optical channel focuses independently
    • Fully multi-coated lenses with patented T* anti-reflective coatings
    • Black Rubber Armoured
    • Adjust for eyeglasses
    • Antimagnetic
    Package Contents:

    • Zeiss 7x50 B/GA T* ClassiC Binoculars 525505
    • Protective Caps
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