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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dragonfly, Jan 24, 2010.

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    Recently, I have noticed I am slowing down, more so than ever before...
    I tried to contribute it all to the weather, which is a great deterrent to doing much outside.....(wet, cold, windy)
    It seems that have I have fallen out of the necessity to keep moving forward, to the point of becoming "fossilized"!
    Not sure what that means...
    I know what needs to be done, the order of which keeps changing from day to day, as we all have priorities that seem to change in a moment's notice.
    But, I am concerned.
    I am either going soft in the head, the mind turning into mush...?
    I am in a lull between the highs and lows...(hills and valleys) sort of thing...( sounds like manic depression to me!)
    I tried reading, but it was too boring...
    Searched the internet for interesting articles and forums/blogs/whatever...
    Again, to no avail.
    It's getting harder to concentrate on "Draining the swamp, When you're up to your rear end in aligator's" sort of thing.
    Winter doldrums perhaps...
    Cabin fever was even suspect.
    Pulled the shotguns, rifles, and pistols out, gave them all a thorough cleaning.
    Even that was boring....( Note: the smell of Hoppe's no. 9 didn't even cheer me up!)
    Nothing to see on TV, and I refuse to read the local newspapers.....
    Seems everything is slanted, one way or the other....
    Then I found it!
    I now know what was missing...
    Conversation with another human being!
    No input: (makes Jack a dull boy!)
    So, I need to have a one on one conversation, with another person (live), with similar circumstances, (no, not the depressed one!)
    But more to the idea of where we are, where are we heading, what can we do, sort of conversation!
    The creativeness has drained to the low point, where even gravity can't make it flow....The tank is almost on fumes at this point.....
    Now, all I need to do is find another person ("like minded") not antagonistic, or anything of that nature....
    Someone to talk gardening with, or building cabins, heating, water, type of topics.....
    ( Oh God! Now I really am depressed!)
    I got nothin'!
    Not many around I know in my age group, that have much more than complaints about: government, arthritis, etc...(not necessarily in that order!)
    "Hello? Operator"? "So, how's you day going"?
    "Been fishing lately"? "You're where"? "Oh, sorry, I have never been to that country before"! "You have a nice day too"!
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    Lots of people on Skype, talk for free with video too.

    Yahoo! voice chat.

    MSN chat

    -I live alone, I have been alone my whole life. I don't get bored because I have found out that other People are the reason I always got depressed. Sure, it's nice to talk and be heard...it's nice to have somebody agree or add to the discussion. But in the end, they will disappoint you. They always disappoint. RUB THE LOTION ON THE SKIN OR ELSE YOU'LL GET THE HOSE AGAIN! Stupid people. Well, I have to go now. My new leather shirt is just about ready.
  3. dragonfly

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    That's the "fly in the ointment" so to speak....
    Several people around here to try to converse with...
    Few that can hold their own in a conversation....
    None that seem to have much knowledge of any number of subjects though.
  4. Brokor

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    Online games can suck up your time. My brother plays poker online. I play Eve Online. Recently, I have been on Facebook because my nieces wanted me to talk with them on the computer. That turned out bad. What in the world is with the Farmville application? Holy MOLY what a waste of time! I could spend every minute of each day on facebook and still not get anything done.

    Forget it. I am just adding to my E-book collection and studying for school. I no longer have time to play around. Besides the Monkey. Good 'ol Monkey.
  5. dragonfly

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    I heard that!
    It's about the only site that I go to anymore....
    besides my email!
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