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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by wildone_uk, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. wildone_uk

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    just a word of caution i have been a prepper for a number of years now
    and was at a point whare my familey and i could hopefully survive for just over a year then we went away for a long weekend with my 8 year old
    we left on a saturday and arived at our destination by midday we took my little girl to the beach and about 5.30pm went back to the caravan for tea
    after a short rest we went to the show at the campsite we returnd about
    9.40pm a short after we had got back the phone rang it was the police
    to inform us that a group of 14 year boys had set fire to our out building
    where 80% of all our prep stores are needless to say we went home on
    the sunday i went to the out building to see how bad it was there was nothing left just a burnt out pile of bricks and rubble the fire officer told me by the time they arrived there was very little they do what was not damaged
    by fire the hose took care of, i am now 64 and i do not know if i can recover from this but i will give it a bloody good try ,so my frends take
    wishing everyone everything you wish yourself
  2. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Now, that is one damn shame. If they got the perps as you imply, some restitution can be expected, I hope. Especially if you have an inventory, and that would apply to an insurance claim as well here in the states. Failing restitution, open a can of whupass and go to town.

    Your point about distributing things to mitigate a loss is very well taken, and thanks for that reminder.
  3. Rex Lee

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    I've been thinking of building a cement block storeroom to store my stuff. This just reinforces that idea.
  4. BadgeBunny

    BadgeBunny Monkey++

    I am so sorry this happened to you. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. wildone_uk

    wildone_uk Monkey+

    thanks guys
    no insurance no chance of any restitution, my own fault,so now we start again ,
    have been given new heart by your kind wishes thank you all. laurence
  6. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Your loss This is a very sad but cautionary event for all of us. Thanks for the reminder. I know it is little comfort to you but the thoughts of all your monkey friends worldwide are with you as you begin again, as I am sure you will.
  7. Disciple

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    Sounds to me like if you find these punks that did this a good shotgun blast and a kick in the ass is whats in order.
  8. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    Wow, so sorry to hear this. I have my stuff splintered into thirds for reasons such as this.
  9. lynnie

    lynnie Monkey+

    Very very sorry for you. We have 6-8 months of food and I wanted more, but hub insisted on putting some money into metals, away from any disaster that could collapse/burn/destroy the house and the stash. Your posts makes me appreciate his wisdom. It would still feel awful to lose it all though.
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