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    I could not find this on the forum and wanted to share. Some of the files may already be on here but this is the most comprehensive grouping of downloads I have seen. Hope this helps you guys.

    Pole Shift Survival Information
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  2. BTPost

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    and Monkeys should be worried about this, WHY?
    1. Is it a World Extinction Event?
    2. Can it be stopped?
    3. Is it Likely (more than .01%) to happen, in the lifetimes, of ANYONE alive today? (Next 150 Years)

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    IMO, no one should worry about a pole shift. Thats just me. I felt there was some cool info on all kinds of subjects that relate to prepping/survival.
  4. BTPost

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    Yea, Lots of folks, do NOT understand the Science, but hear the Talking Heads spouting all sorts of BS, about these type things.... But when you find the answer to those three questions, it becomes just a curiosity.... or a SLOW News Day...
  5. hidden211

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    Well according to the doomsday scientist we are way overdue for a total polar shift.But your guess is as good as mine. Either way we should still prepare prepare prepare.
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    There seems to major amounts of info on that link. Thanks for the heads up.I will check it out.

    As for the pole shift, I never thought about it until I saw that Doomsday Prepper show where the guy moved his family up in the hills cause he feared a polar shift.
  8. Mechwolf

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    It's the Bi-polar events I'm worried about. My ex can cause an extinction level event for me lol. On a serious note any link that has lots of information is good.
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  9. kellory

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    As I have dated a bipolar chick, I can attest, to bipolar being more dangerous to me in particular, than a polar shift.;)
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    I think I posted this elsewhere, but it can't be repeated enough, considering the wealth of information available. If it goes offline, nobody sweat it, I've got EVERYTHING downloaded. [woot]

    BLKFJDC Monkey

    DM- I as well have everything downloaded. For a while now I have been building a book that when done will go to a book printer for my SHTF bag.
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    Good idea, but books weigh a ton. I'm thinking a netbook and a solar panel to keep it charged. Still refining the idea.

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    I am working on refining all the material so I can get the total amount of pages in the 200-250 range. Right now its almost 600 and would be a really heavy book. I am personally trying to get away from as much tech. as I can.
  14. DMGoddess

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    Like I said, I'm still refining the idea.
  15. natshare

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    A tablet and solar kit would likely be lighter to carry than even a netbook (though the computing power isn't as great). I'm actually going to be looking at the total file size of all my prepper books I have in electronic format, and compare it to the capacity of my simple Kindle reader (especially now that I've upgraded to a Kindle Fire). If it can hold it, I should be good to go.

    Of course, we don't want to forget to put it in our EMP-proof messenger bag, right? :cool:
  16. DMGoddess

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    Absolutely! :eek:
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