Lottery winner gets state assistance

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Catullus, Mar 8, 2012.

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    beyond outrageous. this person should be made to repay all monies received from the guberment after she got her lotto winnings.

    Ugh, this lady is slime!
    Lady, you just won the lotto, have a paid for house and some money in reserve and you're struggling? Care to switch places?
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    The worst part of this whole deal is the attitude of still being entitled. She's still struggling? BULL. People like this look for any excuse to stay on my dime. No sense of self respect,self discipline,or personal responsibility. No care about taking from someone who truly needs help or taking from funds we that can provide for the truly needy.A thief she is and should be treated and shunned as such.
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    OH, and if she's so hard up that she needs guberment assistance to buy food, why the H-E-Double hockey sticks was she buying lotto tickets?

    I do occasionally buy a ticket or 2, but I wonder how much she has spent over the years on the lotto, and how much money she's received from the guberment.
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    The article states she has two houses, a new car, and half a mil in the bank. (No kids, either, and I can see why.) I can tell you that half a mil is not much these days, but sure will carry her a long way without public assistance. It's legal at this point for her to milk the system, but there is also a moral issue.
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    That's the root of the problem, socity has raised a generation of entitlement, give it to me because I have a RIGHT, not because I earned it. We have invested so much time in helping out so that people don't feel bad about themselves that we are raiseing an entire generation of adult children, complete with temper tantrums when tehy don't get their way, but unlike children, these people have NO MORALS, and can not tell right from wrong. Those of us that produce are carrying the weight of the leechers, say we know it and don't like it, yet WE CONTINUE TO ALLOW IT!!

    Yes, she is worthless, but the sad fact is, we are to blame, and unntil we do more to stop it, it will continue. Not sayin' I know the answer, just think I know the problem


    My friends tell me I am a bitter old man, I think their wrong...I'm not old!
  8. tacmotusn

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    The fact that she is still legally elligible to collect public assistance is the real crime here. That is what seriously needs to be corrected asap! Oh, a public flogging of this greedy witch, and burning one of her houses down might not hurt either. Give me a second or two for my blood pressure to go down, and ask me how I really feel.
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    No #$%^&#@ Comment!!!!
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    The problem is, any time we try to look closely at whether someone is really elligible for the dole, we are called 'racist' and said to be 'violating their civil rights', so the agencies do not do that. These people (of ALL races and creeds) learn to play the system.
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