Second Amendment Louisiana Governor Signs Six Gun Bills

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    June 21 2013

    The most controversial is a bill that would make it a crime for any journalist or publisher to willfully publish the private information of gun owners or concealed carry permit holders. Some critics say this is a First Amendment violation, while others say the law is simply designed to protect the privacy of private citizens.​

    A newspaper in NY came under fire earlier in the year for publishing an interactive map of gun owners in several NY counties. It is thought that the map led to several targeted thefts of firearms.​

    According to, the following additional bills were also signed by the governor,​
    House Bill 6 by Rep. John Schroder, R-Covington: Will allow off-duty law enforcement officers to carry their guns onto school campuses. Law only applies to commissioned, certified law enforcement agents. Given final passage by the Legislature May 28.​

    House Bill 98, sponsored by Thompson: Will allow sheriffs to recognize concealed handgun permits issued by their colleagues in neighboring parishes. In Louisiana, the State Police and individual parish sheriffs have the power to issue the permits. Given final passage June 6.​

    Senate Bill 178, sponsored by Riser: Will allow voter registration application forms to be made available to gun buyers “at the point of purchase.” The dealer distributing the applications must have a federal firearms license and employ at least 25 full-time workers.​

    House Bill 717 and Senate Bill 135: Both bills will improve communication between courts, law enforcement agencies, and background check systems.​

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