Louisiana kidnap victim's cousin kicks down door, shoots and kills abductor

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    Pin a medal on this guys chest.

    Swift justice in Louisiana justice reminds me of this.

    A man looking for his abducted cousin kicked in the back door of an abandoned house and shot and killed her kidnapper, authorities in Louisiana said.
    The shooting Friday has been ruled justified by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department.

    The cousin, whose name was withheld by the sheriff's department, said he heard screams from the house, said Sheriff's Capt. Kip Judice.

    The cousin said he saw a man start stabbing 29-year-old Bethany Arceneaux when he broke through the door. The cousin fired several shots with a handgun, but he told police he wasn't sure if he hit the kidnapper in the dark house, Judice said.

    Inside, officers found the body of Scott Thomas, who had a child with Arceneaux and had previously violated a restraining order protecting her, Judice said.

    Arceneaux was hospitalized with wounds but is expected to recover, the sheriff's captain said.

    Arceneaux disappeared Wednesday night. Thomas' car was found that night abandoned behind a cane field about a mile from a road.

    Police and bloodhounds had searched the area without success on Thursday. On Friday morning, police were met by about 20 relatives who had organized their own search party, Judice said.

    Officers and relatives searched until about noon, when the cousin found the house.

    "The cousin was at the right spot when he heard the screams," Judice said.

    The sheriff's department concluded the cousin acted within a state law allows deadly force to be used to prevent great bodily harm or death, Judice said. The case also will be reviewed by the district attorney, he said.
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    Great example of looking after your own!
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    Sounds like Louisiana has got it right..
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    Gotta love rural America and the sensible people that live here..
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    Another story that proves "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away".
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    Love it. 'Bout ten yrs ago a fellow broke into a house and raped a 13 yr old. The perp was found about two months later back in the woods off a dirt road chained to a tree and gut shot. Police estimated that it took him three days to die. Father was arrested and tried--good thing about it was the jury turned him loose and he walked out a free man. Every one knew who/what had happened but there was no evidence linking him to the death.
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    Growing up had a friend that some one came in drunk and tried to have his way with her. Her father and brother walked in as the poor bastard, who was laying passed out on the floor with the young lady holding a knife on him. She had called the sheriff who waited patiently for brother and father to finish kicking his teeth out. Sheriff,s only comment was " don't kill him"! "To much paper work"..
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    In the video that was interesting, if I heard it right the father got off with 5 years probation. Pretty amazing since they had video of him killing the scum bag. Still too much punishment IMO, should have been a medal awarded.

    He handled the pistol very well considering the situation he was in, seems like he had complete control, killed the rapist and didn't hit anyone else.

    Glad to see the LAA guy isn't getting charged, you never know now days.

    NY, is a sad and pathetic state and I hope I never have to live there.
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    Yes , it is sad to have to question the mental health of some of our fellow Americans.. Oh , Wait! We have to do that with most of our congressman now, don't we...
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    And which states are red and which are blue in the examples above??

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